Finish Off Your Favorite Soups With A Drizzle Of Avocado Oil

Finishing a soup with a drizzle of avocado oil is going to be your new secret weapon for adding flavor, richness, and a silky texture that will keep you slurping it up until you hit the last spoonful. Avocado oil is made from avocados and is often touted for its high smoke point of 375 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, but what you will love about this oil is how it tastes. If you like to eat these green fruits in guacamole or mashed up on toast, you are going to appreciate the nutty, buttery flavors their oil brings to your dish.

Avocado oil also plays well with other ingredients. When you add it to soup, that expected avocado flavor is not only going to add its goodness to your soup, but it is going to meld, complement, and balance out all of the elements in this dish for a delicious experience for your mouth. Simply drip a few drops into your soup when you are ready to serve it and watch it transform into a whole new taste.

What type of soup needs avocado oil?

A hearty, rustic tomato vegetable soup will definitely absorb the delicate flavor of this trendy go-to and make it taste better. If you have an avocado oil infused with lovely, fragrant herbs, this oil is going to be perfect for a creamy soup — think creamy tomato basil or a creamy chicken soup. However, avocado oil with a little bit of a kick to it is going to work better in both Asian and Mexican-styled soups, like tortilla chicken soup. 

Basically, if you can use olive oil to finish a soup, in most cases, you can usually replace it with avocado oil . This includes Mediterranean soups like lentils. Just a few drops of avocado oil not only has a more appealing appearance, but it tastes and smells better than it did without. But don't limit your experimentation. You can also add this finishing touch to a cold gazpacho.