A Simple Bouillon Cube Will Fix Your Bland Canned Green Beans

Just because the vegetables to make your dinner are coming out of a can doesn't mean that your meal is doomed to be a bland, tasteless affair. A basic can of green beans can get a tasty upgrade with another easily accessible ingredient that may already be hiding in your pantry. Chunks of chicken, beef, or vegetable bouillon cubes can rescue even the most basic of canned veggies, and with little effort, the side of beans you set on the dining room table will be brimming with flavor and tempting aroma.

While you might be more familiar with using bouillon in soups and sauces, these dehydrated cubes of delicious spiced broth can also quickly be adjusted to meet the portion sizes of other meals you're preparing that need a bit of a boost. Simply add bits of the cube to your green beans, taste, and incorporate more of the bouillon as needed as the veggies simmer away on your stove. This technique won't bring back the "fresh" bean taste that disappears after the canning process, but the bouillon will bring in the flavors of a comforting, steaming bowl of broth, and each serving of green beans will pack a satisfying mouthful of deliciously seasoned veggies. Just remember to adjust the amount of any other seasonings you may have been planning to add to your beans — bouillon isn't subtle, and you don't want to end up with over-seasoned beans instead!

The easiest path to additional flavor

Using vegetable, chicken, or beef bouillon, you can always experiment with adding different kinds of cubes to your green beans, not only to try different tastes but also to accommodate the dietary preferences of those seated at the dining table. The umami-packed flavor and warming spices will help you create a side dish that could easily steal the limelight of tonight's supper, and you may be surprised at how quickly often-ignored vegetables are scooped up.

While the bouillon will pack a punch on its own, for a final finishing touch and to add even more flavor to your green beans, crown your dish of vegetables with fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme, crunchy flakes of sea salt, or even fried pieces of bacon or onion to suit either the meat lovers or veggie eaters in your household. Once you've tried making green beans in this way, you may even find yourself adding bouillon cubes to canned mushrooms, pasta dishes, and other meals you can't quite summon the culinary creativity to season for yourself.