Bourbon Adds A Much Needed Richness To Savory Bacon Jam

Bacon jam is exactly what it sounds like — the delicious, smoky essence of bacon condensed into a jam-like spread. It took the culinary world by storm in the 2010s and is now widely popular, even making its way into fast-food burgers and sandwiches. While bacon jam packs quite a flavorful punch, an additional secret ingredient can take it to the next level — bourbon. Adding a splash of bourbon adds richness and a warm, spicy aftertaste that elevates the complexity of the spread.

When making the bacon jam, deglaze the cooked bacon and caramelized onions by adding around a quarter of a cup of bourbon to the pot. Then, introduce some vinegar, maple syrup, and a dash of pepper into the mix. Keep following the rest of the recipe until you have a delightful jar of bacon jam!

We suggest using a cheap bottle of bourbon for this. After all, you only need its essential smoky and alcoholic qualities. Splurging on an expensive bottle would be a waste, as you can't fully appreciate its nuanced flavors when blended into the jam. Save the fancy stuff to mix some bourbon cocktails or sip straight!

Can you add any other kind of alcohol to bacon jam?

Absolutely! While bourbon is favored for its smoky flavor derived from aging in new, charred oak barrels (which pairs wonderfully with the savory bacon in the jam), you don't have to stick strictly to bourbon. Instead, any other type of whiskey will also do, whether it's malt, grain, or blended whiskey. The flavor might not be quite as intricate, but it will still impart the bacon jam with the richness and warmth that comes from barrel-aged alcohol.

Not a fan of strong spirits? Beer is also an option. Simply add a couple of ounces of stout beer to your bacon jam as it cooks, just like you would with bourbon. The infusion will similarly enhance the flavor sans the punch of whiskey. Dark stout beer made from roasted malt pairs wonderfully with bacon jam, much like malt whisky does.