Serve Raw Oysters With Crackers To Offset The Mollusk's Slippery Texture

Certain textures of foods aren't for everyone. Even celebrity chef Andrew Zimmerman admits to disliking the texture of cookie dough. So, if the slimy, slippery feel of raw oysters doesn't work for you (and that's a reasonable reaction), we'd like to gently suggest that you consider trying the marine delicacy with one of your favorite kinds of crackers. Whether you enjoy buttery, seeded, or wheat crackers to snack on, try pairing a snacktime favorite with your next order of oysters on the half-shell.

Eating crackers with oysters makes for a salty, buttery experience that can be more pleasant for the more oyster-averse. Depending on the types of crackers you choose, the flavor match can completely transform your opinion of the raw marine mollusks. If you've enjoyed a bowl of creamy clam chowder topped with a generous sprinkling of oyster crackers, you may also appreciate the pairing of crackers and oysters.

Creating an enjoyable dining experience

Since diners will inevitably have their preferences when it comes to oysters, serving them with a variety of options is one way to please a crowd. When setting up your own raw bar at home, provide a variety of accouterments such as crackers, shallot mignonette, lemon juice, cocktail sauce, and hot sauce. While you can present oysters on top of crackers and drizzle them with hot sauce and a sprinkling of scallions, offering salted crackers on the side allows guests to assemble each bite to their own liking.

Once an oyster is perched on a cracker, various sauces, horse radish, or even flakes of crunchy sea salt can add depth and unique flavors. The next time you find yourself faced with a plate of raw oysters, look at the ingredients as individual components and get to work building the bite-sized treat that delights your palate.