Clotted Cream Is The Rich Ingredient You Need To Elevate Pumpkin Soup

Velvety clotted cream isn't only meant for fluffy biscuits and scones served for tea time. The luxurious and decadent cream can help upgrade your next batch of pumpkin soup with little fuss. On cold wintery and autumnal days, a steaming bowl of soup crowned with clotted cream can brighten even the darkest of afternoons. This sumptuous, buttery spread can be swirled into the recipes you make at home or be used to instantly elevate a store-bought can of soup.

To flex your culinary muscles, you can even make your own clotted cream at home and spoon your creation directly into the soup cooking on your stove. This creamy ingredient can thicken soups and sauces, and when paired with warming spices like ginger, cloves, or cinnamon, will offer a satisfying meal or snack that will be quickly scooped up. Served with a crusty piece of no-knead rosemary bread, this meal will have you feeling like a member of royalty. 

An easy upgrade for simple recipes

If you're hesitant about spooning the clotted cream directly into the pot of soup simmering in your kitchen, consider adding clotted cream to individual soup bowls, or let each eater choose the right amount of cream to add to their meals in order to suit their own taste preferences. Create a soup buffet with bowls of seeds, nuts, fresh herbs, and spices for soup garnish, and let your family members assemble their own meals for an interactive approach to lunch or dinner.

Once you've tried clotted cream in pumpkin soup, experiment by using it to add a boost of creamy delight to mushroom soups, garlic soup, creamier chicken soups, chestnut soup, or even bowls of aromatic carrot soup served cold. Any clotted cream that isn't used in the soup can be offered on the side as a companion for the bread on the table, or be kept for tomorrow's meals.