Boil Corn In Coconut Milk To Give It A Buttery, Sweet Taste

The simple pleasure of biting into corn on the cob loaded with butter is a timeless experience. While the traditional method of boiling corn in water and then slathering it with butter has stood the test of time, there's a secret food hack to give corn a buttery, sweet taste before adding any condiments: Boil corn in coconut milk instead of water.

The rationale behind using coconut milk is self-evident. Consider what coconut milk brings to the table: A luscious, creamy consistency paired with a nuanced sweetness and a hint of the tropics. Plus, it's vegan. When corn kernels bathe in simmering coconut milk, they absorb these qualities with gusto, like kernel-shaped sponges. The result is a corn on the cob that sings with added sweetness and shines with a natural buttery glow sans actual butter. It's a dish that lets you enjoy the taste benefits of butter and refined sugar without any of the drawbacks.

You can boil corn in any milk, though coconut milk may bring the best results

To boil corn in coconut milk, begin by shucking your corn. Fill a heavy saucepan or pot with enough coconut milk to submerge the corn. Allow the milk to boil, then lower the heat so the milk simmers before adding the corn. Then, cook until the kernels are tender. 

For those wondering if you can substitute the coconut milk, you can replace it with dairy or any other plain plant-based milk. After experimenting, coconut milk may still be your favorite since it's creamy and luxurious and its flavor harmonizes well with corn.

Once your sweet and buttery corn is fully cooked, enjoy it plain to savor all of the nuanced flavors. Or, add a sprinkle of toasted coconut flakes for a delightful crunch. If you enjoy spice, a generous dusting of chili powder can bring a warm kick to your cob. And, a squeeze of lime or lime zest can introduce a tangy freshness. So, the next time you pick up fresh corn at your local market, remember to grab some coconut milk as well.