The Best Ice Cream To Pair With Warm Peach Cobbler

Plainly put, peach cobbler is delicious. Peeking from under dollops of buttery biscuit-like batter, juicy peaches give the dessert a fruity edge that's satisfyingly sweet with a subtle tartness. Perfect as is, we can all agree that the peachy dessert tastes so much better when accompanied by a scoop of ice cream. The question is, which flavor pairs best?

Vanilla is the obvious choice. A classic for cobblers — but also pies, crisps, and crumbles — vanilla ice cream (especially varieties with toasty bean flecks) enhances the flavors of peach cobbler, while adding a layer of decadence thanks to its creaminess. That said, since it can fall on the sweeter side of the spectrum, we actually recommend matching an already sweet peach cobbler with "plain" varieties of vanilla that put dairy at the forefront, such as a smooth and simple fior di latte.

Mellow and milky, fior di latte allows peach cobbler to take center stage without detracting from the dessert's nuanced profile. Given its fresh and airy quality, it also plays well with all of the cobbler's sugar and butter, making it a knockout choice. Be that as it may, we aren't opposed to other slightly savory options either. Ice cream flavors made with a velvety base of earthy mascarpone or tangy goat's cheese can also pair exceptionally well with peach cobbler as they're still neutral enough to highlight the complexity of the dish, but are also able to balance sweetness with their mildly acidic qualities.

An uncomplicated flavor will allow peach cobbler to shine

All in all, the secret to a great pairing is to keep things simple. Despite that there are all sorts of viable matches for peach cobbler including extravagant flavors like decadent butter pecan or salted caramel swirl, oftentimes less is more. Flavors that consist of too many gustatory and textural elements can overwhelm the dessert, which is why basic flavors such as fior di latte reign supreme. Elegant yet straightforward, these options make the most sense.

However, it is still possible to experiment with other flavors, so long as they're simple. Considering complementary flavors that create a pleasant contrast, a sugary peach cobbler could meet its match with sour raspberry sorbet. Likewise, even a bitter dark chocolate ice cream could stand up against the juiciness of the cobbler. That said, stay away from flavors that are too similar — pints of peach sorbet or brown butter ice cream will likely result in a disproportionate, overexaggeration of flavor.

Ultimately, the best ice cream pairing is a matter of preference. But we do think there's something to be said about pairing peach cobbler with our top dairy-forward pick, which is why we suggest you definitely give fior di latte a try!