The Type Of Food You Should Ideally Store On The Top Shelf Of Your Fridge

In addition to keeping your refrigerator at the correct temperature, properly storing your food and drink items inside can help keep things fresher and safe for consumption for longer. The shelves and storage compartments inside your fridge aren't just for aesthetics. Positioning the contents of your grocery bags strategically on each shelf can impact the cleanliness of your kitchen and protect you from illness.

Stock the very top shelf with food items that can be eaten as is. pre-prepared foods like deli meats and leftovers from last night's dinner should be placed on the topmost shelf of your fridge. Not only does this keep these foods away from bacteria that might be hiding out on the raw products elsewhere in your fridge, but it also keeps them within easy reach for when hunger pangs strike. Think of having more delicate produce, peeled carrot sticks, and bowls of fruit conveniently situated at the ready as soon as you open the refrigerator door. 

Organize your fridge like a pro

The compartments tucked into the actual door of your refrigerator are best used for non-glass drinks and condiment containers. Since the door moves often and is affected by temperature changes, it tends to run a bit warmer than other areas of your fridge. Any food and beverage products that are less sensitive to temperatures can be stored here without you needing to be too concerned about spoilage.

Stuff paper towel-wrapped produce into the drawers at the bottom of your fridge, and place dairy and egg products on the middle shelf away from any raw meats, which should be set on the bottom shelf. Keeping raw meat and fish on the lowest shelf can help keep food prep convenient and safe, particularly during busy weeknights when you're looking to put together meals quickly. Though adopting new organization systems can take some time to get used to, once your fridge is stocked and organized, you'll feel like a proper chef and you may even be more inspired to cook delicious meals with increasing regularity.