At Some Publix Stores In Florida, You Can Drink Alcohol While You Shop

If you're a Floridian who loathes grocery shopping, head to your local Publix because you might be able to sip a beer or wine while you browse the aisles. That's right, select Publix locations across Florida, including stores in Tampa and Orlando, allow you to drink craft beer and wine from Pours, the chain's bar and cafe, while you shop. Pours originally debuted in 2018 at GreenWise Market, an organic grocery chain owned by Publix, in Tallahassee. As of May 2023, it has now made its way into at least seven other Publix stores across the Sunshine State. 

If beer and wine aren't your thing, you can also order a different beverage like a coffee, tea, or smoothie. Some menu items include nitro cold brew, fruit smoothies, and espresso beverages like lattes. There are also seasonal items like a pumpkin protein smoothie and pumpkin sweet cream nitro cold brew during the fall. And, if you want a healthy snack, Pours offers açaí bowls with toppings like blueberries, kiwis, and granola.

Ordering drinks and food at Publix

When you're ready to order, you can get a beer by the pint or select a flight if you can't decide on just one. There are also various wines that you can purchase by the glass. You'll have to stop by your closest Publix with a Pours for a menu, because, according to its website, availability and items vary by location. If you don't want to walk and drink, you can relax at barstools and tables while you check over your grocery lists or browse the internet for dinner ideas. According to an image of one of the Tampa locations, there's even a TV for your enjoyment plus hooks under the bar where you can hang your coat or reusable shopping bags.

After you order your craft beer or wine, there are many prepared to-go foods at Publix if you want to drink as you browse, like those popular "Pub Sub" chicken tender sandwiches made at its deli that went viral last year. You can also buy made-to-order items like an Italian sub and other pre-packaged sandwiches at the deli. Depending on location, there's also a hot bar, salad bar, and stations where you can order fried chicken, burrito bowls, and pizza. And, of course, there's the bakery, where you can order a wide variety of specialty Publix baked goods like custom cakes, bread baked in-house, and other pastries like donuts.