Why It Pays To Have 2 Grocery Shopping Lists

Keeping your kitchen pantry stocked with all the essential ingredients and then some is not an easy task if you don't keep an up-to-date inventory of all the must-have ingredients it takes to keep your household satiated. If you want to make your shopping trips more efficient, you need to plan your grocery list. That said, you don't just need one list; you need two. Why? Because these two lists serve two different purposes, and, together, they will keep your kitchen organized.

The first list you need is a basic one for household staples you always keep on hand. This list is comprised of items you use on a regular basis such as milk, butter, eggs, olive oil, fruits, and vegetables. Having this easy-to-access record can help ensure you don't purchase foods you already have or that you don't forget to purchase something you've run out of, thus saving you money and time. The second list is more of a weekly itemization that contains foods needed to make specific meals during the week or purchases needed for a special gathering, whether a backyard barbecue or birthday celebration. 

Organized grocery lists will make shopping more seamless

Once you've got your two lists made, you can take it a step further to make your shopping trips as seamless as possible. Some people like to organize their weekly list based on how their favorite grocery store is set up. This can be beneficial when you are using coupons or trying to do some price comparisons to ensure you're getting the best bang for your buck. It can also help you avoid aisles you don't need to be strolling down, keeping your grocery cart free of impulsive purchases. Everyone likes to try those new potato chip, ice cream, and cookie flavors, but if you already have multiple packages of these foods at home, having your organized shopping lists on hand can help you practice a little self-control.

There are other benefits to this grocery shopping prepping method. Being able to differentiate between your everyday needs and the special items you might need can help organize and streamline your grocery shopping process, which is the best way to grocery shop, according to Giada De Laurentiis. If writing out a list is not your thing, you may prefer to keep your list on an app so it will always be handy. Grocery list apps worth considering include Amazon's Alexa, OurGroceries, Mealime, and Anylist.