Make Pancakes In The Oven And Avoid The Hassle Of Flipping

If you're tired of serving misshapen pancakes, cutting away burnt edges, or tossing half-cooked bits of pancake batter into the bin, there's a better way to make breakfast and brunch. Particularly if you're busy, hectic mornings don't offer the time and space you need to stand at your stove flipping discs of pancake mix. 

The great news is that pancakes can easily be made in your oven, bypassing the process of needing to master the perfect flip. Whether you use a store-bought pancake mix or prefer to whip up your favorite batter from scratch, you can simply pour the batter into a sheet pan, use muffin tins, or put some of your pie dishes to use. Just line a sheet or tin with parchment paper first, and grease muffin tins with butter. While the container you use will impact the amount of time your pancake batter needs to cook in the oven, in around 15 minutes, you can have hot, doughy morsels to offer the hungry mouths eagerly waiting at the dining table. 

Just when you thought breakfast-making couldn't get any easier

Though making pancakes in the oven isn't quite like serving fluffy pancakes straight from the pan, the unique baking method does lend itself to a few benefits that offer an edge over traditional pancake-flipping efforts. Oven-baked pancakes can feed a larger crowd more quickly, and the pancake batter you pour into your chosen baking containers can be topped with crunchy bits of bacon, dried coconut, chopped nuts, or seasonal berries — without losing any pieces to the skillet or pan. You can make oven-baked pancakes ahead of time, too, and store cut squares in an airtight container to be placed in your fridge to heat and eat later on.

These sweet treats may more closely resemble a type of breakfast cake — whether square-shaped from your cutting efforts or circular from cupcake tins or a round tin. But once topped with drizzles of warm maple syrup or honey, sprinkles of cinnamon, and dustings of powdered sugar, your tastebuds may be hard-pressed to pinpoint the difference between oven-baked pancakes and a griddle-made breakfast dish.