Whatever Happened To Hershey's Bar None?

There are many delicious candies of the past that you might crave from time to time, like Altoids Sours from the early aughts, or perhapsĀ Nestle's Wonder Ball. We all have our favorite discontinued candy or food that we occasionally long for. But out of all of them, one of the more unique candies that are no longer on supermarket and convenience store shelves is Hershey's Bar None. Haven't you heard of it? That makes sense, because it was discontinued back in 1997.

The bar was first introduced by Hershey's to the U.S. market in 1987. In a 1988 commercial for the product, it was advertised as "the ultimate chocolate extravaganza" that would tame "the chocolate beasty," (whatever that means). If you never tried it, the candy bar was made of chocolate wafers layered with chocolate cream, topped with crushed peanuts, and covered in milk chocolate. The company changed its recipe a few years later in 1992, added caramel, and split it into two wafer bars.

Hershey's Bar None's unique texture

What stands out most about Bar None is the texture of the different ingredients. For starters, the thin wafer layers give it a crunchy texture without overpowering the other parts of the bar, similar to a KitKat. The chocolate cream in between those wafters gives each bite subtle creaminess, sort of like those wafer cookies from childhood. Topping it off are crushed peanuts for more crunch followed by the milk chocolate coating. When the caramel was added later on, there was probably soft chewiness to elevate the texture more.

As delicious as the candy sounds, its sales were apparently low, which led to its discontinuation. These days, Bar None is produced by a company called Iconic Candy, a company that specializes in bringing discontinued candies to the market. They also produce those delicious Creme Savers from back in the day. So the good news is that if you're craving a Bar None right about now, you can order them through Amazon or at an Iconic Candy retailer likeĀ Cracker Barrel and World Market.