Upgrade The Flavor Of Asparagus Soup By Adding Matcha

Matcha isn't just for making warm beverages. Beyond its applications as a tea and a colorful addition to lattes, the bright green powder proves to be quite the culinary powerhouse. Giving depth to a wide range of sweet and savory recipes, a touch of matcha makes anything more intriguing. Mix it into cookie batter, blend it into hummus, sprinkle it over toasted nuts — the options are endless. However, one of our favorite ways to use matcha powder is by adding it to asparagus soup

The two ingredients actually share very similar flavor profiles. Much like asparagus tends to be defined by its woodsy earthiness, matcha is characterized by its equally vegetal and umami-driven qualities. Both ingredients display a mellow but prominent bitterness. As a result, joining the two together allows the flavors to be amplified in a unique way. While the asparagus can impart nuanced notes of nuttiness and sweetness (depending on the varietal), matcha works to accentuate the fresh and vegetal features of the asparagus. 

Asparagus and matcha could work in any sort of culinary configuration, but incorporating matcha into an asparagus soup ensures that the spears' subtle aromas and grassy flavors don't get lost in the mix of ingredients. Since matcha powder is quite concentrated in pigment, it can also help the soup to maintain a deep verdant shade, which can improve aesthetics.

A spoonful of matcha can take asparagus soup to the next level

Any asparagus soup (hot or cold) can be elevated with matcha. Yet, given that the duo pairs extremely well with decadent ingredients, the inclusion of matcha in a creamier recipe can prove especially beneficial. In comparison to broth-based soups, matcha can emphasize the fresh quality of the asparagus and contrast against the richness of things like heavy cream or coconut milk. Matcha is also a welcome addition to soups made with a puréed base and other greens like grassy kale or sweetly savory peas.

Introducing matcha into soup is straightforward. All you need is a tablespoon, but you can add another for more intensity. Simply sift it in a bowl before pouring in some warm water and whisking until well combined — doing this will prevent any clumps from forming and make for easier diffusion when you eventually stir into the soup. We recommend adding matcha toward the end of cooking, simmering just briefly, as not to ruin its delicate nuances or create any bitterness. As soon as you give this flavor hack a try, you'll want to add the powder to all kinds of earthy soups!