Level Up Store-Bought Brownie Mix With Canned Pumpkin

If you've already experimented with flavored extracts to upgrade a standard box of brownie mix, the next culinary hack you can try involves mixing an extra dose of nutrition into your baked treats. Sneaking a can of pumpkin purée into pre-made brownie batter can help you pull fudgy, gooey brownies out of your oven with confidence and ease. 

Simply mix the canned pumpkin and store-bought brownie mix in a bowl, bake for up to 20 minutes or until set, then let these goodies cool before slicing them up to serve. Because this recipe is so easy to put together, these treats can be made quickly for an afternoon snack, served as a simple dessert, or presented as a dish to share at the neighbor's potluck. Owing to the pumpkin's naturally mushy texture, these brownies tend to have a more fudge-like consistency and can also be cut into smaller squares.

Though the inclusion of pumpkin may indicate a specific time of the year, after sampling these brownies, you'll want to bake them with increasing regularity, regardless of season. Experiment with using different kinds of brownie mixtures and pair your favorite flavor varieties with canned pumpkin for satisfying treats and indulgent desserts year-round.

A year-round taste of fall

Pumpkin will lend a subtle — if not barely noticeable — flavor to the rich chocolate batter, leaving you with a brownie canvas to decorate and dress to your liking. As a bonus, canned pumpkin is rich in fiber, potassium, and vitamins but low in calories, meaning the addition is not only delicious but healthy, too.

For an extra kick of that autumnal feeling, add pumpkin pie spice to the batter, sprinkle in chopped walnuts, toss in handfuls of extra chocolate chips, or fold in bits of dried coconut to create the brownie batter of your dreams. Once cooled, your brownies can be topped with chocolate or caramel sauce, homemade whipped cream, your favorite frosting flavors, or a fluffy layer of marshmallow spread.

If you have a bit more time on your hands, you can include canned pumpkin in the brownies you make from scratch at home, but you'll need to adjust the batter to accommodate for the inclusion of a creamier ingredient that also packs additional moisture. For those short on time, fear not: Using only two ingredients, your canned pumpkin and boxed brownie mix squares will leave those at the party wondering about the details of your deliciously unique recipe.