Potato Braids Are An Extra Crunchy Snack That's Worth The Effort

For a crispy, savory snack that is both beautiful and delicious, try your hand at homemade potato braids. There's a reason people are buzzing on TikTok about the tasty snack: This mouthwatering twist on the french fry delivers the perfect amount of crunch and salty fried potato flavor, not to mention those braids are incredibly pretty to look at. While it takes a little effort to shape them, potato braids are simple enough to make at home (especially if you already know how to braid) and great for a fun, unique appetizer to share.

Braiding dough isn't a new technique. In fact, some people say potato braids resemble challah bread, a beautifully crafted braided bread of Jewish origin that's been made for ceremonial occasions and Jewish holidays for centuries. Potato braids, however, are fried in oil, making them extra crunchy and good for dipping. Adults and kids alike are sure to gobble these up in a hurry, so be sure to make plenty of dough to braid and fry.

How to make and serve potato braids

To make potato braids, boil potatoes until soft, then mash with a potato masher once cooled. The mashed potatoes need to be extra smooth, so you may want to use a sieve to strain them or a hand mixer to get any lumps out. Next, add salt, cornstarch, and olive oil, and mix thoroughly. This mixture can be added to a piping bag to give you thin, even strands perfect for braiding. Pipe three strands of dough vertically and parallel to each other on a cutting board, connecting them at the top. Braid the dough by crossing the strands over the middle, alternating left and right (just as you would braid hair). Once braided, fry them in hot oil until golden and crispy.

Serve your crunchy snack with ketchup or mayonnaise as you would with regular french fries. You can also take the snacks to the next level and load them up with sour cream, cheese, chives, and bacon for an ultra-tasty potato braid platter.