Peppadew Peppers Are A Tangy Addition For Delicious Stuffing

Peppadew peppers often find themselves being stuffed, but it's time for a role reversal. Switch things up by adding these zesty little peppers to a side of stuffing. A great way to use up the crimson red stragglers left behind from antipasto plates and snacking boards, working Peppadews into stuffing can also add a wow factor. Elevating stuffing in a way that goes above and beyond the usual lineup of additions — herbs, nuts, fruits, and the like all fall short — sweetly pickled Peppadews will become your secret to scrumptious stuffing. 

Peppadew peppers (as they're known by their brand name) are actually formally called sweet piquanté peppers or Juanita peppers. Sturdy yet silky, they're mostly mild with a fresh and fruity complexity. However, the bite-sized morsels still do manage to deliver some zing thanks to the peppery pickling liquid that they're packed in. As a result, this makes Peppadews the ideal pepper for anyone craving just a hint of heat. 

With such a varied profile, the small but mighty peppers can easily elevate any dish, stuffing included. Offering an unexpected burst of flavor, Peppadews effortlessly put an end to bland stuffings. But that doesn't mean that incorporating them into more decadent dressings doesn't also have its benefits. The inclusion of the acidic and spicy peppers can effectively work to balance richness. Plus, let's not forget that Peppadew peppers can also enhance stuffing visually by adding a pop of color amidst all the beige breading.

A few Peppadews can liven up any stuffing recipe

There's no exact amount of Peppadew peppers that should be mixed into a stuffing recipe. That said, there's also no need to exaggerate — any more than a handful of Peppadews and they risk overpowering the stuffing with sweetness and sourness. Once you're satisfied with the amount, give them a rough chop before folding them into the stuffing. Doing this will allow them to be better dispersed into the dressing, which won't happen as effectively if they're kept whole. Likewise, if any seeds are present, you might want to discard them as they can contribute a degree of bitterness, along with an unpleasant bite.

As for types of stuffing, Peppadew peppers can easily be incorporated into any recipe, either boxed or homemade. Since the peppers normally fare well with richer ingredients such as savory meats, we suggest introducing Peppadews into a sausage stuffing that's laced with complementary additions such as onions, garlic, and thyme. Otherwise, you could also use the tart peppers to offset a sweet recipe made with chunks of honeyed cornbread, dried cranberries, and chopped pecans. You can even add mild Peppadews to a fiery dressing made with a variety of flame-kissed chilis and jalapeños to add color and lessen the heat. No matter the recipe, Peppadew peppers are a must-have ingredient should you want to give your stuffing an extra oomph!