Ruth's Chris Vs Morton's The Steakhouse: Where Our Readers Celebrate Big Anniversaries

If you're celebrating a special occasion, you can't go wrong with a nice dinner out. Anniversaries, for one, are a great excuse to enjoy an elevated meal alongside your partner, friends, and family. As plenty of folks can attest to, nothing feels more festive than indulging in good food with the people you love. And if your idea of a celebratory meal involves succulent steaks, hearty sides, and, perhaps, a good glass of wine or two, you'll find it all awaiting you at both Ruth's Chris and Morton's The Steakhouse — two beloved steakhouse chains with locations across the country. Both eateries have a reputation for serving up fancy fare in an upscale atmosphere, but when it comes to celebrating a big anniversary, which one do Tasting Table readers prefer? We asked our Facebook followers in a recent poll, and between the two options, one reigned supreme: Ruth's Chris.

Out of over 170 responders, 22 solidly voted for Ruth's Chris, the New Orleans-founded chain with over 130 locations in the United States. "Had dinner at Ruth's Chris about two weeks ago and it was extraordinary," wrote one commenter. "Ruth's Chris does steak better," wrote another, while others pointed to the restaurant's sirloin burger and sea bass as standout dishes. Comparatively, only 13 readers picked Morton's, which was founded in Chicago and now operates over 65 locations in the country. "Both have good steaks but prefer Morton's side dishes," read one response.

Some readers favored both, or had another go-to steakhouse

Undeniably, Ruth's Chris stands out for its delectable appetizers and signature broiling method when preparing its steaks and chops. Unlike Morton's, which only offers a prix-fixe for private events, Ruth's Chris also offers a prix-fixe option on the regular dinner menu, which some diners may prefer for special occasions. Morton's, however, does offer a wider selection of high-quality sides compared to Ruth's Chris, including its fan-favorite parmesan and truffle fries. The restaurant also supplies wine and whiskey-tasting flights to pair with meals. It's no wonder four commenters said that either eatery would make an excellent choice. "This is hard to decide. We've enjoyed eating at both," wrote one.

But while Ruth's Chris was the clear winner among respondents who made the decision, plenty of our Facebook commenters pointed to their preference for other local steakhouses for special occasion meals. Seven poll respondents pointed to the Capital Grille fine-dining chain, while six readers declared Fleming's, the 64-location chophouse chain that originally opened in Newport Beach, California, as their go-to. Two commenters, meanwhile, stood by Peter Luger, the old-school steakhouse which has been a Brooklyn, New York favorite since 1887.

Although both Ruth's Chris, Morton's, and other upscale steakhouses are great options for a splurge-worthy anniversary meal, a handful of respondents actually said they would rather forgo the pricey night out altogether and whip up dinner at home. Luckily, those readers have plenty of options if they're searching for celebration-worthy steak recipes.