Torch Your Pumpkin Tartlets For A Perfectly Crispy Finish

Pumpkin tartlets are the optimal dessert for afternoon pick-me-ups and make for sweet individually sized portions that can be quickly served at family gatherings and happy hours. Instead of worrying about serving sizes and calculating the exact number of pumpkin pies you will need to make for your festivities, the ease and convenience of tartlets can help you accommodate each guest at your party. Particularly during the fall season, pumpkin tartlets help announce the arrival of autumn with crunchy crusts and moist fillings.

To elevate your usual recipes, however, you can start thinking of the surface of each tartlet like a classic crème brûlée. Whether you top the tartlets with sprinkles of brown sugar, stacked layers of mini marshmallows, or swirls of meringue, the crown of each miniature tart warrants a warm, crispy, and sweet finish long before it reaches your lips. Get your kitchen blow torch ready: Those autumnal treats are in for a serious upgrade.

The finishing touch matters

When serving these elevated tartlets, leave the torching step for last. If you anticipate being pressed for time the day of your event, assemble the tartlets in advance and torch the top of each just prior to serving. Guests will be enamored with your unique approach to serving these mini desserts. 

Similar to making crème brûlée, you can caramelize the surface of each miniature tart using your kitchen torch until the top of the treat turns golden brown. Whether you use cane sugar or marshmallows to crown the tartlets, the goal here is to torch the surface of each mini-pie until lightly toasted and not burnt, giving a perfect added layer of crunch. Finish each individual serving with shavings of chocolate, sprinkles of cinnamon, powdered sugar, or even a few flakes of crunchy sea salt. You may need to plan to make an extra dozen for your party, as these easy-to-eat desserts go fast, regardless of the season or occasion.