Cheeseslaw Is The Australian Salad Mashup You Need To Try

Cookouts are hardly the same without coleslaw. Creamy, crispy, and flavorful while still delightfully fresh, this staple dish's place alongside grilled meat is irreplaceable. More than that, the fun of coleslaw lies in its creative freedom since this ubiquitous dish is so unbelievably versatile. You can add soy sauce for an umami Asian twist, throw in some fruit to make it more vibrant, or experiment with any other ingredients to your heart's desire. One variation that you'll probably enjoy if you're a cheese-lover is cheeseslaw.

While the details are a little fuzzy, it is believed that this dish originated in New South Wales, Australia. In the city of Broken Hill, you can easily find this dish being served in various diners in conjunction with different meals. Much like the original coleslaw, cheeseslaw is incredibly flexible and suitable for so many different occasions. It's not only an amazing companion for savory grilled meat, but also works as a side or topping for burgers, sandwiches, and hotdogs. Better yet, turn it into a decadent dip for crackers and crunchy veggies. Needless to say, with such a diverse range of uses, it's an amazing choice for outdoor gatherings like picnics and cookouts.

What's so great about cheeseslaw?

As the name suggests, this dish brings a cheesy twist to the classic coleslaw. It features shredded cabbage, carrots, and other optional veggies tossed in a dressing made from mayonnaise, spices, and, of course, cheese. Cheddar and Swiss cheese are some of the top choices, but you can also use blue cheese or mozzarella. Given that most of the ingredients are shared with the original dish, cheeseslaw still tastes similar to the coleslaw you know and love. However, in addition to the sweet, creamy goodness, it also carries a tangy taste and has a velvety rich texture that tugs at your heartstrings with every indulgent bite.

And hey, just because this dish is already packed with cheese, that doesn't mean you can't dress it up further with other ingredients as well. Add a kick of heat with robust spices or jalapeños peppers. Sprinkle in some chopped herbs if you fancy an aromatic undertone. And. for those who want to shake up the texture, nuts, raisins, and dried fruits will hit the spot just right.