Add Pudding Mix To Cake Batter For New Depths Of Flavor

The unused pudding boxes sitting in your kitchen cupboards can help you make one of the best cakes you've ever pulled out of your oven. With as little as a few spoonfuls of the powder added to the batter you mix to make your next chocolate layer cake or classic white cake, your baked goods can turn out more moist and flavorful than a cake baked without the unexpected inclusion. Not only will the texture of your completed cake offer a bit more of a bite, but the easy addition can elevate your usual dessert recipes to new satisfying heights. 

Whether you decide to use complementary flavors of pudding mix to the cake batter you're mixing or experiment with contrasting palates, you'll have an endless source of culinary creativity the next time you set out to bake a cake. A piece of this pudding-packed treat is sure to bring smiles to the faces of your friends and family. 

A convenient upgrade for your next dessert

As you're combining the dry ingredients to make the batter for your cake, doctor up the mixture with your choice of pudding. You don't need to make the pudding itself before adding it to the cake batter, simply mix the powder directly into the bowl, stir the ingredients together, and add the wet ingredients to form a smooth batter that can be poured into a baking mold or cake pan. 

Consider adding packages of vanilla flavor pudding to a classic pound cake recipe or boost your next Kentucky bourbon butter cake with a touch of butterscotch. With so many flavor varieties of pudding to choose from at the store — butterscotch, banana cream, pistachio, chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate fudge — you won't feel creatively blocked as you set out to make tonight's dessert. The fresh flavors are available to any home chef, regardless of cake-making expertise or time spent making baked goods in the kitchen.