Why You Should Store Your Best Dinnerware On Open Shelves

Most folks have an everyday set of dishware to use for rushed morning breakfasts or casual weeknight dinners, while, in all likelihood, their best plates are kept locked away for special occasions. If you can relate, allow us to make a game-changing suggestion: Rather than letting your best dinner set collect dust in a cupboard somewhere, you should store your favorite, fanciest collection on open shelving.

Whether you've inherited an antique China collection, received a beautiful dining set as a gift, or simply splurged on an expensive range of dinnerware to use for parties and holidays, there are quite a few benefits of keeping your most treasured pieces out in the open instead of hidden away in storage.

For one thing, you (and any household guests you may host) will actually be able to see and appreciate your items. Open shelves allow you to proudly display your dining collection, where it can also double as a decorative element that you can play up in the design of your space. For instance, if you've got a lovely, hand-painted ceramic China set, you can allow it to serve as the centerpiece of your room while adding colorful accents that complement your plates and bring the room together.

Make the most of your good plates

Of course, when it comes to arranging your kitchen or dining areas, functionality serves just as much importance as aesthetic appeal. Luckily, choosing to use open shelving is also a perfectly functional storage solution for your favorite dinnerware. In addition to simply looking good, open shelves allow for quick and easy access to your plates, which will come in handy for cleaning and maintaining them, as well as inspiring you to get more use out of them. While you may think to preserve your best pieces for special occasions, relegating them to an out-of-sight cabinet will likely prevent you from using them at all.

Think about it: If you no longer have to spend time digging through storage boxes and unpacking your dinnerware every time you want to set it out on your table, chances are you'll actually reach for your best pieces more often. After all, if your dinnerware holds sentimental and/or monetary value, why shouldn't you make the most of it?

So, think about bringing your best dinnerware into the light, where you, your family, and all your future guests can truly appreciate it — whether that means viewing the collection on display or making use of it on the table while enjoying a wonderful meal.