Paris Vs Rome: Which City Tasting Table Readers Would Rather Dine In

There are plenty of amazing food cities out there in the world, from Tokyo to New York, but when you consider the European champions of dining out, Paris and Rome are always going to be at the top of the conversation. Coming out of two cultures that take fresh food and tradition very seriously, the French and Italian capitals are cosmopolitan destinations that would be internationally famous for their food alone. Of course, the answer to where you would choose to eat, Paris or Rome, is both, but we decided to make you choose, asking our Tasting Table readers on Facebook what their choice would be, and the results were pretty surprising.

Of all the people who responded to our poll, more than 65% said they would choose Rome over Paris for dining. While there is no shock in seeing the love for Rome, the clear-cut victory over Paris is still a bit unexpected, as France is widely considered to have some of the best food and most influential culinary traditions in the world. The one clear consensus was that this was obviously a tough choice, and one reader summed it up well when they said, "Both are awesome, so — tough choice, but ... Italy." We also can't help but agree with another commenter whose plan was to "go to Rome Italy for all the fantastic pasta dishes then fly to Paris France for the yummy chocolate desserts."

Rome edges out Paris as the ideal dining destination

The battle between Rome and Paris doesn't get any more clear when you consider Americans' travel habits. Paris edges out Rome as a vacation destination for people from the U.S., but Italy as a whole has a lead over France. Cultural connections could also be a big factor, as Italian-Americans are one of the largest ancestry groups in America. Of course anyone expecting to find spaghetti and meatballs or chicken parmesan when they travel to Rome will be disappointed, as those dishes are Italian-American creations. There are still plenty of amazing food options in Rome of course, including familiar local favorites like carbonara and porchetta.

Rome may have edged out Paris, but the French city still had plenty of supporters. One of our readers was already planning a trip, saying: "Paris for sure!!! Actually going next Saturday from NYC!!!" While Rome may be known for its stewed meats and hearty pasta dishes, Paris is where lovers of baked goods will want to go. The city is most famous for its pâtisseries, with endless rows of immaculately prepared cakes and pastries, not to mention French baguettes. Not that you won't find incredibly satisfying dinners either, with steak frites, onion soup, and croque monsieurs being just a few famous options. Just like our poll, if you are traveling there are no wrong choices, as food lovers are going to be in heaven either way.