Heavy Cream Is The Rich Addition Your Instant Ramen Needs

Instant ramen is perhaps most commonly associated with frugal college meals or quick-fix lunches when your days get hectic. However, its humble, comforting essence is good for so much more than that. With the right adjustments, it can become just as delicious and satisfying as any homemade dish out there.

Fortunately, instant ramen is incredibly versatile and easy to spruce up to fit your personal preferences. If you're a sucker for all things rich and creamy, the simple addition of heavy cream will do the trick. It perfectly counterbalances the savory, umami flavors with a subtly sweet, fatty taste. This helps to mellow out any heat, intensity, or sharp edges and leaves you with a harmonious intertwining of contrasting flavors. Moreover, heavy cream has a delectably thick consistency given its high-fat content. When added to instant ramen, it creates a velvety smooth texture that coats every strand of noodle, making each spoonful an absolute delight to slurp on.

How to effectively incorporate heavy cream into your instant ramen

There are two main types of instant ramen: dry and soup-based. Heavy cream can be added to both. When paired with the dry variety, you'll end up with a rich, luscious sauce. Meanwhile, soup-based ramen broth will maintain its liquid consistency but will be slightly more condensed. Not much has to change when it comes to the cooking process. However, remember to keep a close eye on the pan because, with high temperatures, the heavy cream could curdle and separate. To prevent this, lower the heat before adding the cream and slowly stir so that everything blends seamlessly together.

While you're at it, play around with additional condiments and toppings for a more well-rounded taste. Asian cuisine staples like soy sauce, hoisin sauce, Sriracha, miso paste, ginger paste, and more are all great ways to deepen the overall flavor profile of instant ramen with an extra hint of umami. Robust spices, lemon juice, or a bit of peanut butter would also do wonders. And, if you want even more creaminess, throw in a bit of cheese for ooey-gooey goodness. As for toppings, your choices are nearly endless. You have foolproof classics like eggs, veggies, dried seaweed, proteins, or chopped herbs. For something different and more flavorful, try adding kimchi, bacon, sausage, tofu, or any number of other ingredients that you enjoy. The possibilities for experimentation are vast.