Loh Shi Fun Noodles Are The Easy Way To Make Your Entire Stir-Fry From Scratch

A delicious stir-fry comes together not only in the flavors but in the consistency, too. Carefully selecting ingredients with a focus on texture leads to an incredible, mouth-watering payoff. One key aspect of the stir-fry assembly process is limiting additions — stir-fry dishes shine best with less than five prominent components. Pay special attention to the noodles and enliven a weeknight stir fry by crafting ribbons of dough from scratch.

For an easy and fun first foray into noodle-making, turn to loh shi fun. Popular in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, this soft noodle variety is perfect for homemade stir-fry paired with sauce, vegetables, and optional protein. The noodles have a delicate consistency, slight chewiness, and a propensity to sop up other flavors, which are all ideal factors for wok meals. All it takes is a few minutes of extra time to form the gluten-free noodles. Let's dive into how this delicious noodle variety comes together.

How to craft loh shi fun noodles

In addition to water, loh shi fun noodles are comprised of only three ingredients: Rice flour forms the predominant base, a smaller amount of corn starch fills out the dough, and an even smaller amount of tapioca starch increases the chewiness of the noodles. Some versions replace the corn starch with wheat starch, which leads to more transparent noodles but loses the gluten-free quality. Depending on your desired texture, the flour and starch can be combined in different ratios.

Boiling water is poured over the mixture to change its consistency and partially cook it. Then, the dough is rolled out and cut into small pieces; about half an inch long. Give the shaped noodles a quick boil, then they're ready to be added to your stir-fry.

Loh shi fun melds delectably with a variety of sauces and ingredients. They're delicious with a soy-based sauce, minced pork, and mung bean sprouts — the vegetable's crunchy texture perfectly contrasts with the noodles. Loh shi fun also pair well with chicken and prawns alongside a brighter sauce made with calamansi lime. Regardless of the precise additions, the noodles are always tossed in the sauce to absorb the delicious flavors.