How To Transform Pasta Into A Savory Pie Crust

It's one of the great travesties of pasta leftovers: You have mountains of pasta and no more sauce to coat it. Worst yet, you're not really in the mood to save it by transforming it into cacio e pepe or even a bit of buttered noodles. You want a break from the pasta, but you don't want to waste it. 

Luckily, there's a way for you to breathe new life into your pasta without making it feel like another night dining on Olive Garden's endless pasta dinner. Instead, consider turning your coils of angel hair or mounds of tagliatelle into something else entirely: a uniquely starchy, savory pie crust. Combining leftover pasta with a bit of cheese and eggs, this makeshift crust can work like a savory base for any layering of meat, sauce, or vegetables that you desire. Think of it as the perfect start to a deep-dish pizza or as the starchy base for a casserole — the cheesy pasta crust will fit the bill. So, how should you go about making this unorthodox pasta pie crust?   

Turning leftover pasta into a crust

First, don't be shy about using any leftover pasta you have on hand. With the exception of ravioli or other filled pasta, pretty much any other starchy noodle or pasta piece is fair game for this hack, from macaroni to tagliatelle. Next, consider what type of cheese you'd like to glue the bit of pasta together. You can go the mac and cheese route and choose cheddar, or go the Italian way and select a mild mozzarella. Or you can head in a completely different direction and select Swiss and Gruyere for a more subtle cheesy note. Whatever you select, think about how this cheese will pair with the other ingredients you'll be using. 

Once you have your pasta and cheese selected, you can make your pasta crust. Take a few cups of leftover cooked pasta and mix it in with a cup or two of cheese and two eggs. Keep in mind that you can add any other seasoning you desire (like garlic powder or oregano) to this pasta crust now. After you've thoroughly mixed these ingredients together, you'll press it down into a 9-inch pie dish or springform pan and bake it at 350 for roughly 20 minutes. From there, the skies are the limit on what you can top this pie crust with. Unconventional pizza, casserole, and pot pies could all work here but don't feel limited to stop there.