Use A Muffin Tin For Easy Individually Baked Macaroni And Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a beloved crowd-pleaser that's perfect for just about any occasion. It's also easy to whip up from scratch when store-bought won't cut it. But if you want to transform this casserole classic into individual bites that can be eaten on the go, can hold up in an elementary kid's lunchbox, and can help you control proportions so there's enough for everyone at dinner, you should try using a muffin tin to make individual baked servings. 

The muffin tin is super handy in the kitchen and has more uses than you probably realize. It can be used to simplify mise en place, to make effortless deep dish pizza, or even potatoes au gratin. A muffin tin is also perfect to use when you are making your favorite recipe for baked mac and cheese. These compact, muffin-shaped, baked mac and cheese servings are just as tasty as when they are baked as one big brick in a pan; however, what you will love about the final product is utensils are really optional.

Things to keep in mind

While muffin tin servings are a great way to make individual servings of mac and cheese, you need to keep in mind that smaller portions will bake quicker. So, keep an eye on them as they bake. Mac and cheese baked in a muffin tin is also going to get more texture and browning as the edges get a little crispy so everyone isn't fighting for an end piece.

Additionally, when you use a muffin tin, you are able to customize your mac and cheese for all of your picky eaters. Add a little crispy, crumbly bacon for those who can't get enough of this salty meat with this dish; or top each mac and cheese serving with different crunchy toppings that cross the spectrum of sweet, spicy, and savory like fried chicken, jalapeño, sweet corn, crushed Cheetos, or even a touch of vanilla and cinnamon sugar for a dessert mac and cheese. If you can't eat all those individual, customized mac and cheese cups, don't worry. You can store them in a Ziplock bag in the fridge for up to four days.