Jack Daniel's New American Single Malt Whiskey Is Coming To An Airport Near You

If you're looking to get a duty-free deal on a bottle of Jack Daniel's, you're in luck. The Tennessee-based distillery announced, via a press release, that it is launching its new American Single Malt Whiskey in airports worldwide beginning this month. The 90-proof liquor is available in a one-liter bottle for a suggested price of $99.99 a bottle and can be tasted at over 40 activations at various international airports.

"When we began experimenting with a 100% malt grain bill back in 2012, we knew it would be critical to put our own stamp on timeless Single Malt traditions and craft something that was uniquely Jack Daniel's," said Jack Daniel's Master Distiller Chris Fletcher.

What's special about this American Single Malt Whiskey? It's the brand's first permanent whiskey made from 100% malted barley. That dark liquor comes from the malted barley mash (the industry term for its mixture of grain, water, and yeast) that is ground, fermented, and distilled in its facilities in Lynchburg, Tennessee. The company's special blend is charcoal mellowed and aged in new, charred American oak barrels, and is finished in Oloroso Sherry Casks.

How the new American Single Malt Whiskey tastes

All of those special ingredients and techniques result in aromas of soft oak, cocoa, and fruit paired with flavor notes of dark chocolate-covered fruits and nuts with a sweet, subtle finish. Part of those flavors also comes from the limestone spring water that is used in all of Jack Daniel's products. The water comes from a two-mile-deep cave that's been used by the company since 1866. To make this American Single Malt Whiskey even more unique, each bottle is closed with a cork stopper and an embossed stamp of America's First Registered Distillery.

In case you aren't an avid traveler, duty-free purchases are tax-free items you can buy in airports across the world. Because you don't have to pay taxes on the items, you usually save a decent amount of money on luxury items compared to buying them outside of the airport. That means you can stock up on your bottles of Jack Daniel's, or other go-to spirits or luxe goods before you get to the gate to board your flight.