The Coin Tip For Rolling Out Perfectly Thick Pie Dough Every Time

Creating the perfect pie starts with the perfect pie crust, and mastering the art of pie dough thickness is a crucial step in this delicious journey. It's a delicate balance between too thick and too thin, and finding that sweet spot can sometimes seem like a culinary enigma. Too thin, and your crust may become fragile and prone to tearing or leaking; too thick, and you'll end up with a heavy, doughy pie. But fret not, for there's a simple yet ingenious trick that can make your pie dough rolling endeavors a breeze — the coin tip.

Yes, coins from your pocket can be the unsung heroes in your pie-making escapade, and the rationale is surprisingly straightforward. Two quarters stacked atop one another have a combined height of approximately ⅛ inch, which is the often recommended thickness for many pie crust recipes. Using the stack of coins as a visual aid takes the guesswork out of rolling and guarantees consistency.

How to implement the coin tip

To begin, prepare your pie dough according to your trusted recipe. Once your dough is ready to be rolled out, flour your work surface and place the dough on it. Using your hands, gently pat the dough into a flat disc shape. Begin rolling your dough outwards, turning and flouring as needed to prevent sticking. Use gentle, even pressure, starting from the center of the dough, working your way out, and aiming for an even, smooth circle.

Now for the magic. As you roll, occasionally pause and place your two stacked quarters next to the edges of the dough disc. This will act as your real-time thickness gauge. If your dough is thicker than the quarters, you have a bit more rolling to do. If it's thinner, you may have overdone it and should consider starting again.

Pay close attention to the edges and center of the dough to ensure uniformity. If you notice any areas that are thicker than the quarters, make the necessary adjustments by rolling those sections a bit more. Once satisfied with the thickness, transfer the dough to your baking dish, trim the edges, add the filling, and bake. Using this coin trick will ensure your crust has the same perfect thickness every time you bake a pie.