The Tortilla Trick To Give Your Breakfast Quesadillas Flavor In Every Bite

Eggs are a staple in traditional Mexican breakfasts, whether they're scrambled with chorizo and potatoes in a breakfast taco, fried and placed atop a plate of homemade chilaquiles, or served in a bath of red or green salsa as classic huevos rancheros. They're also the defining ingredient for breakfast quesadillas. While you may plan on adding an egg scramble to a tortilla packed with shredded cheese, you could end up with unevenly distributed fillings.

Luckily there's a clever tortilla hack to ensure that you get a taste of each ingredient in every bite. Instead of preparing your fillings separately, adding them to a tortilla, and toasting it all together with cheese in two different rounds on the stove, you'll add the cheese and tortillas directly to the egg scramble all in the same pan.

This hack requires two tortillas to make a round quesadilla, saving you the step of folding the tortilla and flattening it with a spatula to melt the cheese. Eggs are classic binding agents, and you'll take full advantage of their adhesive capabilities as well as those of melted cheese, which will distribute and bind the quesadilla filling evenly from edge to edge. The first tortilla adheres to the eggs, the hot eggs melt the cheese, consequently sticking to the second tortilla.

How to execute the tortilla hack

To execute the tortilla hack, you start by scrambling raw eggs in a bowl and preparing any veggie or meat you want to add to the eggs. You'll then fry any veggies or meat with oil or butter in the pan, spreading them evenly around the pan's surface before pouring over the eggs as if you're making an omelet.

Ensure that the eggs are distributed evenly over the pan and other ingredients. After around 30 seconds to a minute, the eggs will begin to set along the outer edge of the pan. When this happens, it's time to place the tortilla over the top of the eggs. The tortilla will stick to the eggs as they continue to cook for another minute.

At this point, you've created the first half of your breakfast quesadilla. The next step is to flip the tortilla over. Since the eggs are stuck to the tortilla, this should make it easy. Once the tortilla is touching the bottom of the pan, you'll layer shredded cheese evenly over the cooked egg filling, placing another tortilla on top to seal the deal. The tortilla should trap the heat from the eggs and melt the cheese, thus anchoring it to the rest of the quesadilla. You can give the quesadilla one last flip to toast the second tortilla.