Why You Should Avoid Storing Cooked Chicken Wings In Plastic

Whether they're served on game day, at a party, or just because they're delicious, crispy chicken wings are always a big hit. And for good reason; they're easy to hold, come in dozens of flavors, and are simple to prepare ahead of time. However, soggy wings that lose that perfectly crispy outer layer are a yellow flag when it comes to game-day bites. Don't settle for subpar wings this football season. To ensure that your wings stay crispy before serving you may need to change up how you store them. If you store your warm chicken wings in aluminum foil or plastic containers before serving, you risk trapping the steam from cooking.

Trapping the steam can add moisture back to your wings, removing the crisp texture and resulting in an unsatisfying bite. Instead of using plastic containers or foil, find a vessel that allows for ventilation while still maintaining temperature. Try opting for cardboard containers, paper bowls, or paper bags lined with paper towels or parchment to transport your chicken wings. Not only are these more environmentally friendly options but the materials allow for better air circulation, enabling steam to escape while absorbing excess moisture. After all, there's a good reason that places like Popeyes and Kentucky Fried Chicken use boxes and buckets made from paper material: It ensures that their fried products are still crispy when you get them home.

Additional tips to keep your chicken wings crispy

Whether you're taking the wings to a game or serving them at home, waiting to sauce your wings until you're about to serve them is an easy way to prevent them from getting soggy. This also ensures that you'll have the maximum amount of sauce on your wings since you won't have to worry about any coming off during storage. Another way to give your wings the best chance of maintaining ideal crispiness is properly draining them after frying or baking. Excess grease and oil that clings to the chicken wings can quickly cause the crunchy skin to go limp.

If you have to store your wings for a considerable amount of time before serving, find a way to properly reheat them to reinvigorate their crispy coating. Toaster ovens and air fryers offer a simple way to rejuvenate your chicken wings before serving and don't require a lot of time or space. If you're bringing the wings to a party, ask if you can use the oven to reheat them. Having quality game-day wings is always worth celebrating no matter what team wins.