The Simple Trick To Turn A Lemon Into A Citrus Spritz Bottle

Lemons are one of the most useful ingredients in our arsenal of fruits. They brighten a salad dressing or marinade with their sweet and acidic flavors, and add a beautiful taste to baked goods and cocktails while in the same breath, they can help clean your pots, pans, cutting boards, and so much more. And if you are a lover of this citrus aroma and taste, you are going to love turning it into a lemon spritzer bottle whose use is only limited by your imagination.

To create your lemon spritzer, start with a lemon and a small, clean spray pump. You are going to want to cut a small slice of the lemon off at the top and snip off a little of the dip tube so it is not longer than the fruit. Next, jab the dip tube into the lemon and twist it in like a corkscrew until the plastic part of the sprayer is touching the exposed fruit. When you push the spray top down, a spritz of lemon juice should come out.

How to use

Once you've created your lemon spritzer, you can use it for a number of cooking and household chores. Spray a little bit of that pure lemon juice on the fruit to prevent it from browning after it has been cut. Use a little spritz of your lemon juice on veggies, salad, or give your hot tea a little spray of this fresh juice. You can also add a couple of pumps of your lemon spritzer to some water to clean glass and mirrors if you want to extend the use and perfume of its citrusy scent.

Of course, if you try this trick and like the ease of it, you may want to do the same thing with your limes. You can use your fresh lime spritzer in the same manner as you use the lemon, and you will definitely extract a lot of its sweet juices. However, if you are thinking about trying this on an orange or grapefruit, you may not get the same result with these larger fruits.