Lactart Is The Cocktail Ingredient That Will Give Your Drinks A Burst Of Sour Flavor

When you hear "Lactart," what's the first thing that comes to mind? Surely, it would conjure images of dairy-related products like fresh milk and shakes. However, Lactart is quite different from what its name suggests. Made from lactic acid that's often found in dairy products such as buttermilk and yogurt, the transparent solution has long been prized by bartenders as a flavorful "secret" ingredient that can be added to cocktails to give them a surprising twist.

Despite its distinctly dairy-sounding name, Lactart is very different from milk. It boasts a strong, sour flavor that can rival the tartness of limes and lemons, but has a noticeably different zing. This unique flavor profile makes it a go-to ingredient for mixologists seeking to add some variation to drinks that traditionally rely on citrus fruits for their sourness.

If you are lactose intolerant, Lactart's name and affiliation with dairy might be a bit off-putting. But here's the good news: Lactart doesn't actually contain any lactose. Plus, lactic acid, the main ingredient of Lactart, won't trigger symptoms of lactose intolerance. So, you're perfectly safe to drink and enjoy your Lactart-infused cocktails!

What kind of cocktail pairs well with Lactart?

The Lactart treatment can be applied to any cocktail recipe that calls for a splash of lemon or lime juice. Instead of the vibrant zestiness of citrus fruits, Lactart imparts a milder, and, according to many, smoother sour flavor to drinks. This sets it apart from the typical citrus tang and is the reason it has garnered quite a following among mixologists. Its gentle tartness means you have more room to adjust the drink's sourness level to your liking without the need for additional sugar or sweeteners to balance the cocktail's flavor profile.

This brings us to another crucial point. Due to its lower acidity compared to citrus fruits, we highly recommend incorporating Lactart into cocktails where you only need a hint of tartness. Classics like the gin fizz or whiskey sour are excellent drinks to experiment on. Just keep in mind that Lactart is less potent than citrus, so you may need to add a few extra drops to achieve the perfect level of sour acidity in your drink as you mix.