Use Smoked Salmon 2 Ways For Perfectly Textured Dip

Smoked salmon is the perfect ingredient to drape over regal canapés and layer into bite-sized hors d'oeuvres. It can also spruce up finger foods such as a dip, a tried and true party favorite. Yet, while using high-quality salmon is partly what can make the spread impressive, that's not the only way to heighten the tasting experience. Playing with texture and serving smoked salmon two ways instead of just one can take a salmon dip to the next level.

Like many other classically creamy spreads, the base of smoked salmon dip typically consists of any combination of ingredients such as cream cheese and mayonnaise (but even sour cream or Greek yogurt), which are then mixed with smoked salmon. As for how the smoke-kissed ingredient should be added, most recipes call for using it in one of two ways: chopped or blitzed. But, we say, why not do both?

Combining techniques is a bright idea regardless of whether you use silky, cold-smoked salmon or flaky, hot-smoked versions. Likewise, you could even use both types in your dip. Simply whip half of the required salmon with creamy ingredients before folding in the sliced salmon, along with any other mix-ins such as minced capers, diced eggs, or fresh dill.

Two textures are better than one

The greatest advantage of adding both blitzed and sliced salmon to your smoky and salty dip is what it can do for texture. While blending can provide a fluffy and mousse-like consistency, finely chopping can instead add some chew as the salmon maintains its smooth and buttery texture. This leads to a more varied and interesting mouthful in every bite, which can help us to positively perceive flavor, making the smoked salmon dip taste better than we ever could have imagined. 

Additionally, unlike spreads made strictly with chopped salmon, combining the two techniques can heighten aesthetics, as well. Blitzed salmon is richer in color and can give the dip a rosy hue, contrasting beautifully against flecks of finely diced salmon. However, uniting both textures in one dip also has a practical purpose that goes beyond pleasing taste and visual appeal.

Using smoked salmon two ways can even make the dip effortless to scoop and spread. Consequently, this can make for easier serving with all sorts of accompaniments from cucumber slices to delicate water biscuits. Plus, since the dip still has structure, it can be piped into pastry shells, too. With so many benefits, you'll never want to make smoked salmon dip any other way.