Ina Garten's Tomato Soup Features The Main Ingredient In 2 Ways For More Flavor

When it comes to soup, tomato is a wholesome, classic comfort that takes the chill off during those cooler autumn and winter days. It also pairs perfectly with a grilled cheese, making it an easy go-to when you want a no-fuss, but satisfying meal. But if you want to add new depth and flavor to your tomato soup, you may want to grab a page from Ina Garten's playbook because the cookbook author uses the star ingredient in not one, but two different ways to do just that.

Tomato soup always starts with tomatoes. These babies are the foundation of this recipe, but Garten takes them to a whole new level. The Barefoot Contessa uses a can of plum tomatoes, along with all of their juices, but, as seen on an episode of "The Barefoot Contessa," she also takes fresh, tomato halves, tosses them with a little olive oil and salt, and roasts them. Garten explains that this process brings out and intensifies the sweetness of this fruit.

Sweet and smoky

What does roasting tomatoes do to their texture and taste? It not only brings out a concentrated, natural sweetness, it caramelizes your tomatoes, breaking down the sugars which in turn gives them a subtle smoky, savory taste, all in the same bite. The texture of roasted tomatoes is soft and jammy, but Garten shares that once her tomato soup has simmered and all the ingredients have blended together, she places the warm soup in a food mill so she can properly puree it.

The end result is amazing. The transformation of the flavor and overall consistency of roasted tomatoes adds an entirely new layer to your tomato soup. This heightened experience for your taste buds enhances, plays off of, and complements the sweet and peppery notes of the basil when you are making a tomato basil soup. These two ingredients have the added benefit of giving off a lovely, fresh, and herby fragrance that fills the kitchen.