The Right Way To Store Leftover Garlic Butter Sauce To Keep It Fresh

Homemade garlic butter sauce is incredibly easy to make at home and only requires a couple of ingredients. It also has many delicious uses, like as a dip for bread or pizza, topped on grilled steak, or as a sauce on pasta for an easy dinner. But if you don't use all of your garlic butter sauce at once, it's important to store it properly to keep it as fresh as possible, especially because the butter will solidify after it's in the refrigerator for a while.

The first step in storing garlic butter sauce the right way is the container. You should always use an airtight container that will keep air out and the fresh flavors in. This also helps keep the garlicky aroma from contaminating other foods in your fridge. After you've got your container, fill it with your leftover sauce and place it in the fridge. It will last in your fridge for four to five days, so try to use it as soon as possible in this week's dinner rotation.

Making and storing garlic butter sauce

If you don't think you can eat your garlic butter sauce within a few days, you should freeze it. Use a freezer-safe container to avoid any mishaps, or freeze it in silicone ice trays for pre-portioned garlic butter sauce whenever you need it. You can keep the sauce frozen for two to three months. When it's time to reheat your sauce, either from the fridge or freezer, put it in the microwave or a saucepan over low heat until the butter is no longer solidified.

What goes into garlic butter sauce anyway? It's usually just butter, fresh garlic cloves, finely chopped parsley, salt, and black pepper. When it comes to the butter, you want to use the highest-quality butter possible because it will taste better and will refrigerate and freeze better. Some variations use lemon zest or juice and other fresh herbs. You melt the butter over medium heat, add the garlic, and continue to cook until it's fragrant. Then, you remove it from the heat and add the herbs and seasonings. All that's left is to use it on garlic bread, mashed potatoes, grilled steak, poached salmon, or however you wish.