How To Transform Your Morning Bagel Into A Dreamy Dessert

Dessert has entered the breakfast chat and has decided that it is time to give your usual bagels some extra love — with the help of a blow torch. That's right, you know the torch that you use to set fire to a classic crème brûlée recipe? A similar approach will be applied here, except instead of flaming up a dish you more commonly would offer as dessert, you're going to flame a sugary surface placed on top of your favorite sesame, poppyseed, or whole wheat bagels.

To begin, slice your preferred flavor of bagels in half and spread a thick, luxurious spread of whipped cream cheese onto the cut surface of each piece. Next, top the creamy open faces with an even spoonful of turbinado cane sugar to coat the cream cheese fully with the crystals. With the sugary layer in place, get ready to transform your typical weekday breakfast into a decadent treat that is guaranteed to start your day off on a high note.

Set fire to breakfast

Use the kitchen torch to heat the sugary layer on top of each bagel slice and watch as the sugar caramelizes and turns brown. The glistening surfaces will not only tempt you by appearance, but the warm smell of the sugary creation will have you yearning to sink your teeth into this easy-to-make dish as quickly as possible. The lightly toasted, crunchy topping of sugar on top of a rich spread of cream cheese served on a pillowy soft bagel equals a recipe that warrants several tries. 


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We have The Naughty Fork on TikTok to thank for the brilliant breakfast hack, and whether you decide to garnish your bagels with sprinkles of crunchy sea salt, powdery cinnamon, or shavings of chocolate, this luxurious treat — also known as the Crème Brûléegle — will have you feeling like you're dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant and not pressed for time on a mundane Monday morning.