For An Added Crunch, Top Your Lobster Rolls With Potato Chips

​​Travelers and locals alike look forward to New England's lobster season all winter long, eager to get their fill of steamed dinners and lobster rolls before the seafood season quickly vanishes. While steamy lobster dinners are an iconic portrayal of the region's cuisine, lobster rolls are far easier to devour, and just as special. Made with 3 or so ounces of hearty tail and claw meat, lobster rolls pack all the best bits into one toasty bun with no tools required. The signature sandwich is a labor-free way to enjoy lobster when dining out, but it's only complete with traditional sides, one of which is potato chips. 

There's a reason chips are the go-to side for lobster rolls. That salty, crunchy bite perfectly complements the buttery, rich flavors of a lobster roll. However, the best way to incorporate that crunch into every mouthful isn't by alternating between bites, it's by tossing the chips right on top of the roll. Adding potato chips directly to a lobster roll might seem unconventional at first, maybe even blasphemous, but tender lobster and crispy potatoes truly belong together. The savory elements play well with each other, but it's the added texture that makes the sandwich come alive.

The New England favorite has a long history, replete with potatoes

Maine is known for its scrumptious seafood, particularly lobster, but nearby coastal towns reap all the same benefits. Connecticut has a notable lobster reputation, and allegedly that's where the world-famous lobster roll debuted in 1929. A customer was craving a hot lobster dinner but had to hit the road, so he was served lobster on white bread from Perry's in Milford and suddenly, the lobster roll was created. To this day, lobster rolls in Connecticut are prepared hot with butter, whereas Maine lobster rolls are typically tossed with mayo and served chilled. Despite the different approaches, potato chips are almost always delivered on the side, but they should be delivered right on the roll.

Considering lobster and chips go together so seamlessly, why wouldn't they be combined into one golden creation? Before jumping at the thought of tainting precious, decadent lobster with something as mundane as a potato chip, think again. In order to find interesting new flavor combinations, it's important to let judgments go. The lobster was once seen as a low-class cuisine and was even fed to prisoners, after all. A classic plain potato chip is the assumed choice, but lobster rolls don't need to be simple. Experiment with different savory chip varieties, from sweet potato to sea salt and vinegar or even spicy jalapeño. The added flavor will present a unique twist on the classic sandwich, and the crunch will always deliver.