12 Savory Potato Chip Flavors To Elevate Your Everyday Sandwiches

Few food duos hold a match to the heavenly pairing of a tasty sandwich with chips. It's a savory combo loved by kids and adults alike. While each is more than satisfying when enjoyed separately, delicious takes on a whole new meaning when they're paired together. The crispy potato chip texture provides the bite you didn't know your turkey club was missing.

Tastiness has a way of inspiring creativity, so inventing the idea of putting food between bread isn't far-fetched. The word "sandwich" itself can be traced back to a British aristocrat from the late 1700s named John Montagu, the Earl of ... well, Sandwich. Nowadays, there's simply no denying our collective love of a good sammie. In fact, a Technavio report projects that the market is set to grow by $11.69 billion between now and 2025.

Many of our favorite pairings were born out of necessity. This rings true for the union of potato chips and sandwiches too, whose invention is credited to Noreen O'Neill, an Irish woman that was forced to get creative one night after her cooker stopped working. Since those days, adding chips to your sandwich has become as ubiquitous as adding their starchy cousin: French fries. It's a one-way ticket to flavor-land that we decided deserves a proper recommended pairings list.

Tuna melt x Flamin' Hot Lay's

A mainstay at diners throughout America, the tuna melt is a bonafide classic. Many years ago, it was a happy accident that inspired this genius yet simple, upgraded treat. Having already been a popular menu item, it wasn't until a cook unintentionally dropped tuna on a grilled cheese sandwich that the new flavor was unlocked. From then on, fans of the mayo-laden sandwich staple had two tasty versions to choose between.

When it comes to pairing potato chips with the fishy canvas of the tuna melt, many savory flavors can add to the overall experience. We recommend Lay's classic Flamin' Hot chips for its spicy punch, which perfectly compliments the zest of lemon juice and Dijon mustard. The saltiness also goes great with the taste of tuna, while creamy mayo balances the flavors by easing the heat. Of course, the most satisfying part is biting into crunchy potato chips. 

Turkey club x BBQ chips

A late 1800s creation, the "club" in this sandwich seems to originate from a private social club. However, it eventually outgrew its upper-class confines to become the classic we know today. A standout feature of the club sandwich is its two layers, made by stacking three slices of bread: two on the outside and one in the middle. Toppings typically include turkey (sometimes chicken), bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo spread on toasted bread. Simple and unassuming, they're traditionally served in a triangle shape and held together by a frilled cocktail pick.

This sandwich's modest quality makes it great for pairing with robust-flavored potato chips. To add some extra oomph to your turkey club, we suggest BBQ chips. The radical tang is a welcome member of the sandwich's conservative taste. Their woodsy sweetness blends well with the smokey bacon, and the salt helps boost the natural flavors of each ingredient.

Chicken salad sandwich x ranch chips

Move over tuna; this equally classic sandwich is for those who favor poultry over fish. Besides the main protein, both feature the same star of the show: mayonnaise. The creamy binding agent is one of the best condiments for combining different flavor profiles. In a chicken salad, for example, it doesn't overpower the other ingredients, letting each play its part. From the salty to the zesty, each note comes through to give you an experience that's also more nutritious than you may think.

An ingredient with its own special flare will elevate your chicken salad sandwich; that's why we recommend ranch potato chips. As a common base for ranch dressing, the mayo from the chicken salad benefits greatly from this tasty partnership. The chips' rich garlic and herbs delightfully accent the creaminess while adding a crunchy dynamic to the chewy texture. With this match-up, you'll definitely devour your sandwich within minutes. 

BLT x jalapeño chips

There's a whole month dedicated to this legendary sandwich. Made with crispy strips of bacon, topped with fresh lettuce, ripe thinly-sliced tomatoes, and mayo on toasted bread, the BLT (shortened from bacon, lettuce, and tomato) is a no-frills classic. If you've never tried one, on paper, its basic ingredients might make you wonder what all the hype is about. Appearances aside, there's a reason why the BLT is considered one of the most popular sandwiches in America. It packs the perfect balance of salty and fresh, so each bite satisfies your umami needs without overpowering the palate.

As is, one could argue that the sandwich is nearly flawless, yet there's always a way to upgrade your BLT. You can either bask in its flavorful glory or make it truly transcendent with this recommended addition: jalapeño potato chips. The peppery sting of jalapeño works great as an extra layer, while the chips' seasonings, like onion powder, garlic powder, and paprika, compliment the bacony taste. Not to mention, the combined crunch of potato chips and crispy bacon creates the most amazing mouthfeel. You'll get your fix of savory, spicy, and refreshing, all in one sandwich.

Vegetable sandwich x lightly salted chips

The versatile vegetable sandwich is a shapeshifter — its ingredients depend on where you order it from. For many years, it was only offered as a menu option for vegetarians, which really meant it was made without meat, just toppings. As health became more of a topic of conversation, the veggie sandwich developed its own identity, and what was once considered "toppings" became the main attraction. Whichever iteration you experience, one thing all vegetable sandwiches have in common is that they're good for your health.

As the most light and refreshing option on this list, we recommend pairing this with chips that can play a supportive role rather than steal the show: Enter lightly salted chips. The dash of salt makes the potato taste stand out, which fits right in with the sandwich's vegetable medley. Low-salt chips also take well to sauces such as mayo, olive oil, or salad dressing; its blank canvas is open to interpretation. This perfect pairing will definitely help you make the ultimate veggie sandwich.

Pastrami sandwich x salt and fresh ground pepper chips

Smoked and cured, pastrami meat is also the cure for your sandwich cravings. Originating in New York City by way of European immigrants, this Jewish deli staple has been the subject of songs, classic movies, and TV scenes. Pastrami is typically made by marinating brisket in brine. It's then seasoned with a delicious mixture of spices, including black pepper, coriander, garlic, paprika, and mustard seeds. Lastly, before being served on rye bread, it's smoked, which gives it a concentrated burst of umami.

Undeniably succulent, to match this meat's peppery accents, we recommend salt and pepper chips. We chose this pairing because it doesn't take away from the pastrami taste, which is reminiscent of roast beef mixed with ham. It just adds an extra kick. The potato flavor also compliments the malty nuttiness of rye bread as the salt helps balance out the sharp aromatics of black pepper. We definitely consider this a chef's-kiss-worthy combination. 

Italian beef sandwich x cheddar and sour cream chips

Hailing from The Windy City, this local sandwich staple is made using seasoned roast beef that's thinly sliced, simmered in gravy, and served on an Italian-style roll. To add a spicy touch, it's traditionally topped with Chicago-style "giardiniera": pickled peppers and veggies. The Italian beef sandwich is yet another amazing culinary contribution from immigrants of the boot-shaped country. Iconic and classically tasty, it's like Chicago's version of the Philly cheesesteak.

Although the irresistible aroma of slow-roasted beef is reason enough to love this sandwich, thanks to the hit TV show "The Bear," Italian beef is actually very trendy right now. This savory lunch deserves the right pairing, an unlikely one that takes you to a new territory of flavor. Our recommendation is cheddar and sour cream chips, which have a sharp cheesy taste and tangy twist. It's like adding cheese atop your Italian beef sandwich, but with a crunchy bonus. The zesty sour cream flavor is also a great companion to the tart and spicy giardiniera. 

Reuben sandwich x dill pickle chips

There's a debate over who invented the Reuben sandwich. Some stories say a New York restaurant owner is the creator, while others point to a chef in Omaha, Nebraska. Regardless of whoever actually deserves the honor, we're sure neither imagined it would become the classic sandwich it is today. It's made using delicious corned beef, tart sauerkraut mixed with Thousand Island dressing, and melted Swiss cheese — then served on rye bread. In the debate over which cured meats for the meal are the best, corned beef and pastrami are hotly contested.

Oozing with flavor, the Reuben satisfies the savory department, while sauerkraut adds a refreshing zap of tang, leaving the earthy rye bread to ground the experience. We recommend dill pickle potato chips to pair with this dynamic flavor profile. The vinegary taste of the pickle compliments the fermented sauerkraut, while its salt, garlic powder, and yeast extract seasonings blend with the cured taste of corned beef. You'll enjoy the crunchy texture of potato chips and crisp cabbage as you chew.

Italian sub x sour cream and onion chips

Hungry dock workers were the inspiration behind this legendary sandwich. Invented by an Italian baker named Giovanni Amato, the Italian sub is now a staple of its hometown, Portland, Maine, and a mainstay on deli menus across America. It traditionally includes salami or ham, slices of American cheese, sour pickles, chopped onions, tomatoes, peppers, and black or greek olives. Unlike many cold deli sandwiches, it doesn't feature lettuce or mayo but is dressed with oil, salt, and black pepper.

When it comes to a dynamic array of flavors, the Italian sub has it all. That's why we recommend a potato chip flavor that helps round out its sharper elements: sour cream and onion. Adding a rich and creamy layer works almost as a substitute for mayo, melding perfectly with the sandwich. And, of course, the onion powder kicks up the umami of chopped onions, increasing the overall deliciousness of the sub.

Caprese salad sandwich x rosemary and olive oil chips

A creation of one of the world's culinary capitals, Italy, the Caprese salad is a vision of perfection. While its origins are murky, one of its most impressive things is that it comprises only a handful of simple ingredients: fresh slices of mozzarella and juicy tomatoes joined with sweet basil leaves and a topping of salt, olive oil, and sometimes balsamic vinegar. In fact, this combination of ingredients was carefully selected to represent Italy's green, white, and red colors, making it one of the country's signature dishes. It's not only enjoyed as a salad, but on pizza, in pasta, and also as a sandwich.

As one of the freshest sandwich options on this list, it should be enjoyed with a chip flavor that doesn't overwhelm. That's why we recommend pairing it with rosemary and olive oil chips. The herbal, pine-like taste of the rosemary will elevate the basil in the sandwich, boosting the overall aromatics without taking away from its classic charm. It's an herbal duo that's reminiscent of Italian seasoning. Another complementary combination is the olive oil, an ingredient that the sandwich and chips share.

Finally, there's no denying the delicious cheesy crunch of potato chips and mozzarella when enjoyed together. Rosemary and olive oil chips would also be a game-changing addition to this roasted Caprese sandwich recipe.

Philly cheesesteak x classic salted chips

If Philadelphia is known for anything, it's the Philly cheesesteak. When a type of food is the first thing that comes to mind whenever your city is mentioned, that means it's pretty darn good. Thinly-sliced grilled beef, onions, and cheese on a toasted roll: that's all it takes to knock you out of your socks. According to Charleys, it was created by two brothers and originally didn't include cheese until a manager at one of their restaurants added provolone. Following the generally accepted maxim that "everything tastes better with cheese," the Philly cheesesteak was born.

Like any deliciously balanced combination of ingredients, you shouldn't tamper too much with things. Keeping it simple and classic, our recommended pairing for Philly cheesesteak is traditional salted potato chips. Their russet taste is an ideal companion for the sandwich's tender beef, caramelized onions, and melted cheese. The seasoned meat is enhanced by additional salt, making it even more succulent. As you enjoy a bite of Philadelphian culture, add a crunchy layer of salted chips to take the flavor up a notch or two.

Of course, the experience is even more rewarding when paired with the best Philly cheesesteak in the city, Dalessandro's. Or if you prefer a personal touch over restaurant-made, you should try this homemade Philly cheesesteak recipe.

Cuban sandwich x honey dijon chips

This simply mouthwatering Cuban sandwich was the combined creation of multiple cultures, each adding its own parts to make the Cubano we know and love today. Within Cuba, there's a debate over which tribe is the originator, while the Spanish are credited with adding its signature protein: smoked ham (via El Meson de Pepe). Historical disputes aside, this Florida staple is a must-have for locals and tourists alike. Not only is it directly linked to Cuban culture, but it's also a great example of "less is more" and composed purely of certified tastiness.

The first bite of the ingredients in a Cubano will immediately grab your attention: butter-rubbed Cuban bread, a moist palmetto leaf, smoked ham, melted cheese, pickles, and mustard topped with mojo marinade: a citrusy blend of bitter orange, oregano, cumin, garlic, and more. Simply put, it's a flavor knockout that deserves a proper pairing. So to match the horseradish-like kick of mustard sauce, we recommend pairing your Cuban sandwich with honey dijon chips. 

Slightly spicy, this flavor will give your palate a warm and zestful nudge. At the same time, the honey contrasts the Cubano's savory taste, helping to bring out the marinade's citrusy accents. From crunchy and toasted to melted and chewy, your mouth will enjoy a dynamic combination of textures.