Switch Up Your Next Personal Pizza With An Eggplant Crust

Whether you're getting tired of the same foods or want to make some health-friendly swaps, eggplant is the perfect addition to classic recipes. The vegetable leans pretty mild, so it adds minerals and fibers to your dish without altering the taste too much. The nightshade family member is known to taste amazing when baked with cheese and a good tomato sauce — just look at eggplant parmesan.

If you're looking for something with a similar flavor profile that's easier to make, try your hand at eggplant pizza. Sure, the vegetable works as a topping for the pie, but instead of doing that, replace the entire crust with eggplant. Slicing up the veggie and layering sauce, cheese, and toppings gives you your own set of low-carb personal pizzas. Eggplant is mild, so it won't change the taste of pizza entirely — instead, you can focus on the mozzarella, marinara, and pepperoni or parmesan, pesto, and prosciutto that adorns your eggplant.

How to make eggplant personal pizzas

After rinsing and drying your eggplants, slice them into pieces sturdy enough to form a personal pizza. Rub them down with salt and let them sit for around 20 minutes to release the excess water that makes eggplants soggy when cooked.

Once the slices are rinsed and patted dry, brush them with olive oil and oregano, thyme, and rosemary. Place them in the oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes, or until the eggplant slices are golden brown. Remove the slices and spoon your sauce, shredded cheese, and toppings onto each slice. Sprinkle black pepper and Italian seasoning on top and place it back in the oven.

With the oven set to broil on high, place the eggplant back in the oven, allowing the personal pizzas to cook for around five minutes. When the cheese is melted and slightly browned, remove them from the oven. Add fresh basil and red pepper flakes and enjoy.