How Gina Homolka Makes A Great Cocktail Without Sugar - Exclusive

Just because you want to eat healthy does not mean you have to sacrifice flavor and good food. Gina Homolka, better known for her website and cookbook line Skinnytaste, is out to show the world how you can be healthy and eat great food. Her newest book, "Skinnytaste Simple: Easy, Healthy, Recipies with 7 Ingredients or Fewer," is aimed at those who may be short on time but still want a tasty meal. 

While Skinnytaste is geared towards healthy food, you can still be conscious of what you're putting in your body while indulging a bit. Homolka offers a selection of delicious cocktails and mocktails on her website that are big on taste without the amounts of refined sugar you find in conventional cocktails. For example, one serving of conventional margarita mix contains a staggering 21 grams of sugar. Homolka's, in comparison, has just 1g of sugar per serving. In an exclusive interview, Homolka revealed her simple secret: "[Use] fresh ingredients, lots of juices and lots of flavor, lots of fresh herbs." This combination of flavors will make your drink flavorful without bogging it down with added sugar.

Mocktails are fun too

With fresh and flavorful ingredients, you won't miss the sugar. As Homolka points out, this strategy isn't just for cocktails but for mocktails as well: "I use a lot of fresh ingredients, a lot of fresh juices ... The mocktails are great because a lot of people are going dry. They're doing dry January." In recent years, there has been a trend steering away from alcohol. As Homolka points out, dry January, where people abstain from alcohol, is becoming more popular, with an estimated one in five adults participating. 

Going without alcohol doesn't equate to going without flavor. Using fresh juice is a great way to add light, fresh flavor without resorting to sugar-laden, store-bought juice. Store-bought juices can often have added sugars and concentrates, making them less than ideal for a delicious sip. 

Homemade juices do not have to be hard to make. Juicing a lemon or lime can be done simply by using a fork or a pair of tongs; no need for crazy equipment. Additionally, during the warm seasons, simple kitchen herbs can easily be grown to ensure fresh herbs at the ready when the mood strikes.

Skinnytaste Simple: Easy, Healthy Recipies with 7 Ingredients or Fewer" is on sale now.