The Best Time To Season Fried Green Beans

While it's true that all fried food is delicious, not every fried dish is necessarily bad for you. Air fryers, now all the rage, produce much the same effect as deep-frying in oil without posing nearly the same threat to arterial health or injury from burn-inducing splash damage. Also, what you choose to fry can be as healthy a choice as how you fry it; a prime example of this is green beans – a phenomenal substitute for potatoes. Yes, French fries are amazing, but have you savored the crisp snap of breaded fried green beans? They're divine. Like potatoes, green beans need to be seasoned, so take this tip with you into the kitchen: Toss them in salt and pepper the moment they emerge from the fryer when the seasoning stands the best chance of sticking. If you're getting more involved and using several flavoring ingredients, like your favorite seasoning blend or Parmesan cheese, put that stuff in the batter. 

Green beans bring a lot to the table beyond their green and earthy flavor profile (which, by the way, turns sweeter when cooked). You'll be getting a fair amount of carbohydrates from fried green beans, in addition to the cholesterol-lowering benefits of fiber and protein — not to mention a good dose of vitamin C. So, what are the best seasoning options for fried green beans?

A world of flavorful options

Frying green beans provides an opportunity to indulge in some delectable seasoning combinations. For a start, reach for powdered garlic and onion to stir into the coating, which will complement and extend the beans' natural combination of savory and sweet. Ground cumin adds a yummy earthiness — especially when roasted in the fryer. Many of your favorite spice blends will be a great addition to a fried green bean batter — try our Cajun seasoning recipe, or a powdered ranch dressing, or go for a large pinch of Chinese five spice and see how perfectly suited it is. These flavor-coated beans are so good they could be a starter on their own, with a creamy dip to further enhance the flavor pairings. Green beans are an excellent canvas on which to paint your flavoring masterpiece.

If you're on more of an herbal kick, a variety of potential flavor profiles await. Add an Italian twist to your bean coating, with dried basil, oregano, parsley, and lemon peel. Or how about employing that magical standby of herbs de Provence, with its blend of lavender, rosemary, marjoram, and other Mediterranean herbs? Or keep it simple with a sprinkle of bright fragrant thyme. Regardless of which you choose, considering how to flavor fried green beans should whet your imagination as much as your appetite.