Use Leftover Alfredo Sauce As A Shortcut For Potato Gratin

Ask a bunch of Italian food lovers what their favorite dish is, and you'll no doubt find that fettuccine Alfredo is a common answer. How could it not be with just how deliciously creamy and decadent Alfredo sauce is? Even better, this sauce's culinary potential reaches beyond its classic pasta pairing. It makes for a marvelous addition to a long list of dishes, at the top of which is potato gratin. Keep this in mind the next time you're making pasta for dinner and find yourself with extra sauce.

The most obvious benefit of repurposing Alfredo sauce for potato gratin is, of course, saving the precious time and effort of having to whip up a separate sauce from scratch. This shortcut is especially useful when you have limited time or don't have the necessary ingredients on hand. The sauce offers a luscious creaminess that honors the dish's original qualities while also elevating it to new heights. It coats the potato slices in a rich, savory taste with slightly salty undertones — a perfect complement to the tanginess of the cheese. As the gratin bakes, it also infuses the dish with a subtle garlicky scent, adding an aromatic layer that gives the normal potato-cheese combo a game-changing complexity.

Simple ways to add Alfredo sauce to your potato gratin

Not much has to change when you're incorporating Alfredo sauce into potato gratin. Just layer it in with the potato scallops as you arrange them. Spread a thin layer of the sauce on the bottom of your baking dish, then arrange the potatoes as you normally would on top. Sprinkle extra cheese, seasonings, and herbs if you wish. Repeat the process until the pan is filled, then top everything off with the rest of the sauce and some more cheese. For a simpler and quicker approach, mix the sauce directly with the sliced potatoes before arranging them in the pan. Either way, you'll end up with a golden, toothsome potato dish that offers magic in every bite.

As for the amount of Alfredo sauce to add, it certainly varies depending on the size of your baking dish as well as your personal preferences. Just make sure there's enough to evenly coat the potato slices or to spread between the layers. Too little, and some parts will taste a bit lackluster. Too much, and the oversaturation will make everything soggy. However, the general amount for most potato dishes is around two cups, which usually equals one jar of Alfredo sauce.