Elote Fritters Are A Crunchier Way To Enjoy The Classic Mexican Dish

Elote is a dish rapidly growing in popularity all across North America. From classic on-the-cob elote, to its off-the-cob cousin, esquites, to elote-inspired dips, there are many authentic and cross-cultural ways to enjoy this creamy, chewy, spicy treat. As it turns out, we have a recommendation for one more spin on the renowned snack that fuses Mexican and Southern American cuisine for a crispier, heartier experience: elote fritters.

Corn fritters are already a regular staple in southern restaurants and kitchens across the United States. Their delightfully crunchy exterior and warm interior with pops of golden yellow corn make them a definitive crowd-pleaser, and thanks to their ability to lean sweet or savory, they are readily served any time of the day. It is easy, then, to introduce the concept of elote to the party, as it simply takes the corn fritter down a more savory route and adds an extra punch of flavor. The result is a delectable side dish that brings together the best of both recipes.

How to make elote fritters

The best way to begin making elote fritters is to refer to a classic corn fritter recipe. This will act as a base for the elote-inspired ingredients and ensure you have the proper proportions to achieve the desired fritter texture. Follow the instructions as usual up until it comes time to add the corn. At this point, we recommend lightly roasting or charring the corn first to add the smoky flavor that authentic elote gets on the grill. Toss the cooked corn in lime juice to absorb some of elote's characteristic acidity, then add it to the batter with a healthy dose of chili powder and salt. Finally, fry up your fritters and serve while hot.

Of course, these fritters would not be complete without a condiment for dipping that incorporates the final few flavors of classic elote. Using Greek yogurt, mayonnaise, or sour cream as a base, stir in a squeeze of lime along with diced red onion, cotija cheese, cilantro, chili powder, and salt. This will bring your fritters to life by balancing the salty, battered fritters with a bright and creamy tang that will make the whole plate truly irresistible.