Quattrotini Is The Revamped Pasta Shape Perfect For Sauce Lovers

Even the most passionate pasta lovers may get bored of the same old spaghetti and penne. Luckily, there are not only hundreds of ways to prepare pasta dishes, but there are also hundreds of different pasta shapes out there to enjoy. Despite the fact that many of them are made the same way (using a mix of flour, water, and sometimes eggs), and may generally taste the same, the wide variety of shapes exist for more than just aesthetic purposes. In fact, each type of pasta tends to be particularly suited for a different type of dish, and using the right shape for your recipe can seriously elevate your plate.

If you're whipping up a rich, saucy dish, for example, you'll want to opt for a tubular type of pasta with a hollowed-out center, which will allow the sauce to seep inside and ensure you get the perfect burst of goodness with every bite. And, since having five tubes per pasta is certainly better than one, we suggest trying Quattrotini. This pasta shape is designed to deliver the highest amount of sauce possible to your tongue with every forkful. The bite-sized pasta is constructed with four bucatini-style tubes surrounding a larger center tube.

The story behind Quattrotini

As innovative as the design seems, Quattrotini is actually a revamped take on a classic pasta shape known as cinque buchi (meaning "five holes" in Italian). The multi-tube creation hails from Sicily, where it's traditionally served during carnival celebrations.

Organic pasta brand Sfoglini, known for its artisanal packaged pasta boasting creative shapes and flavorings, released the design for consumers in January 2023. The product was made in partnership with the podcast "The Sporkful." The company renamed the pasta shape Quattrotini to refer to the four smaller tubes encircling the pasta without counting the larger center tube. The brand also added ridges to the shape to allow sauce and cheese to adhere even better to each piece.

Quattrotini indeed maximizes sauce delivery, is easy to get on your fork, and is especially satisfying to sink your teeth into. All in all, this holey selection checks all of the pasta boxes.