The Extra Step To Make Shaping No-Bake Protein Balls Easier

As delicious, healthy, and convenient homemade protein balls might be, the snack can become a seriously sticky situation in your kitchen. With spoonfuls of peanut butter, gobs of honey, maple syrup, and scoops of protein powder, your countertops and mixing bowls are in for some work as you assemble these bite-sized pieces. 

Your good-natured attempts at meal prep are not lost, however, and with a bit of advanced planning, you can set yourself up for a much cleaner assembly of your favorite ingredients to chow down on later on when you're in a rush or stuck at the office after hours. Simply factor in an extra hour to refrigerate your ingredients before rolling the dough-like mixture into snackable spheres. Giving your chosen assortment of seeds, chopped nuts, spices, and powders time to chill will not only create a harder batter to work with, but you will also have an easier time rolling these protein-packed pieces into similarly sized shapes. 

Preparing snacks for on-the-go

Whether you choose to adapt your favorite oatmeal bars recipe to the cylindrical form or are copying a recipe you found inside a magazine at your local gym, allow yourself the extra time required to refrigerate the mixed batch of ingredients before spooning the batter onto parchment paper to save for later. If your mixture is crumbly, add a bit of your preferred milk alternative to bring a touch of liquid consistency to the concoction and adjust accordingly to suit the protein powder in your recipe. Because this recipe doesn't require baking or heat, binding ingredients such as tahini, almond butter, or cashew butter are necessary, and a touch of maple syrup, agave, and honey can add sweetness to your snack. These are ingredients that will harden in the fridge but will return to a more malleable consistency once they become warm.

After removing the mixed batch from the fridge, you may need to let the assembly warm before shaping. If you find that the mixture of cocoa nibs and oats is too hard to spoon into, simply let the batch return closer to room temperature on your countertop before you get to rolling. The protein-packed dough will become easier to work with once it is in your hands.