Add Citrus For More Depth In Your Aperol Spritz Punch

All it takes to level up your next batch of Aperol spritz punch is two ingredients: fresh orange juice and a few drops of orange bitters. The minimalist cocktail that the punch is based on combines Prosecco, club soda, Aperol, and an orange wedge. And that citrus element is essential to forming the Aperol spritz cocktail's fundamental profile of bittersweet, bubbly, and bright, with a touch of acidity.

Turn this cocktail into a "punch" by adding a mixer, like fizzy grapefruit soda, seltzer water, or Sprite. You could even grab a six-pack of La Croix for this. To deepen the flavor profile, orange juice and orange bitters will amplify the citrus element while bringing a very welcome complexity to this sunny sipper. Bitters play off the existing Aperol flavors of rhubarb, gentian root, smoky vanilla, and quinine. This amaro brings all the sweetness your punch needs. Now, all that's left is to add a little dimensionality.

Its easy assembly makes Aperol spritz punch an accessible yet sophisticated cocktail for beginner mixologists. Plus, batching punch is a simple and fun way to prepare drinks for a crowd. For even easier hosting, transfer your finished punch into a drink dispenser so guests can refill as they please throughout the night. It's the bubbly, bittersweet aperitivo of your dreams.

This cheery sipper is light and refreshing

To whip up a batch of Aperol spritz punch, simply combine the ingredients (Prosecco, Aperol, freshly squeezed orange juice, a few drops of orange bitters, and your mixer) in a punch bowl or drink dispenser, and stir. Serve in wine goblets or Nick & Nora glasses, and garnish with an orange wheel, fresh mint, lemon wedge, a few raspberries, or a halved strawberry. Rather than dump a bunch of ice cubes into the punch bowl, equip your guests with ice-filled glasses. That way, the batch won't suffer over-dilution. Just be sure to chill all of your ingredients before assembly.

Feel free to mix it up a little with your punch ingredients, too. Blood orange slices would add even more depth, and orange bitters could be swapped for Angostura bitters for a botanical kick. If you prefer a less fizzy sip, you could also swap out the Prosecco for a Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling. Pair with complementary light charcuterie like almonds, blue cheese dip, sliced pears, crackers, and fig jam. Or, you could set out more substantial hors d'oeuvres such as prosciutto and cantaloupe wedges or vol-au-vent. For a sit-down dinner, Aperol spritz punch would make a great accompaniment to entrees like goat cheese and arugula salad or grilled fish.