How To Wrap Up To-Go Sandwiches Just Like The Deli

Nothing beats the crisp sound of unwrapping a fresh sandwich you just bought at your local deli, it's like the everyday equivalent of opening a present on your birthday. You can replicate this feeling with your own homemade sandwiches with just a little technique and a roll of waxed or parchment paper. Wrapping sandwiches up at home is easier than your favorite sandwich shop may lead you to believe; think of it as sandwich origami in a way. To start, you'll need a flat sandwich and about a foot of your wrapping paper of choice. During this process, you'll want to work vertically, so place your sandwich and paper with the shortest edge facing you during the process.

To start wrapping, place your sandwich with the top facing away from you in the middle of the paper. Next, bring the top and bottom pieces of paper towards each other, folding hamburger style. The edges of each side of the paper should meet in the middle of the sandwich. You'll then fold these edges down, creating a clean crease holding the paper together in the middle. Fold in half-inch measurements till you're flush with the bread. Next, you'll create a crease along the left and right sides of the sandwich. On the left and right, fold the paper to create a triangle shape, similar to how you'd wrap a gift. You'll then fold these triangles under the sandwich, and there you have it.

Benefits of wrapping your sandwich

Wrapping sandwiches in parchment paper does more than just give your sandwich a rustic look, it helps absorb any moisture that can exude from the sandwich while you're waiting to eat it. A neatly wrapped sandwich also makes eating your meal hassle-free and cleaner since it holds all the contents of your sandwich together. These wrapped sandwiches are perfect to bring to picnics or to pack large amounts of sandwiches for events or parties. You maintain the quality of the sandwich and still look put together.

Some people also think a wrapped sandwich tastes better. This is partly because the wrapping helps prevent your sandwich from going soggy, but a more complex reason is that it applies even pressure around the sandwich allowing all the ingredients to meet each other and have a cohesive texture to each bite. As a bonus when you wrap your sandwich you cut down on single-use plastic, making this not only a tastier option but an environmentally friendly one as well.