Ultra-Creamy Burrata Will Transform Your Next Ravioli Dish

You spot it in your refrigerator, a glorious ball of creamy burrata cheese waiting for you to use it. Burrata, after all, is best enjoyed fresh, shortly after it's made. A culinary eureka moment hits you: Why not transform tonight's ravioli dinner with this creamy Italian delicacy? Imagine stuffing your ravioli with something other than ricotta, meats, and veggies, like your burrata, to make it ultra-creamy. A dish as humble as ravioli can become a sumptuous feast any night! So whether you're using pre-made ravioli shells or making your own from scratch, stuffing them with a piece of burrata and a sprig of fresh basil or other herbs will instantly elevate your dinner.

If you have leftover burrata, you can also add it to the top of the ravioli. As for what sauces to pair your super creamy ravioli with, well, that's up to you! It can be a rich tomato and garlic-based sauce complete with fried pancetta and spiced with Calabrian chile paste.

Sauce pairings and complementary sides for burrata-stuffed ravioli

Or a tangy, lighter sauce made with pine nuts, lemon, and artichokes. Another fruity sauce can be an Anjou pear paired with gorgonzola. You could also reach for a jar of Alfredo or clam sauce in a pinch. Try pairing your ultra-creamy burrata ravioli with a delicious homemade pesto sauce for those with more time.

Regarding meal prep and storage, burrata ravioli shows the same flexibility as its traditional counterparts. If you find leftovers or wish to prepare a batch ahead of time, let the cooked ravioli cool completely before transferring it to an airtight container for storage and freezing. 

Now, if you're wondering what to enjoy alongside your burrata ravioli, consider a side of cheese Italian or garlic bread. Freshly toasted bread will provide an excellent, crunchy contrast to your soft and rich ravioli. You can also use the bread as a vessel to scoop up the sauce. A leafy side salad with acidity, like vinaigrette, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar, will balance your pasta nicely. Finally, this beautiful meal can't go wrong with a glass of red or white wine. So, the next time you buy burrata, instead of enjoying it on toast or over salad, use it as pasta filling and make a rich and memorable dinner any night by stuffing it into ravioli.