The Deep-Fried Hot Dogs Anthony Bourdain Recommended In New Jersey

In "Parts Unknown" Season 5, Anthony Bourdain visited his home state and oozed over the roadside restaurant Hiram's. He was seen reminiscing of days visiting the restaurant with his father and described the old-timey haunt as " my beloved Hiram's."

Since 1932, the hot dog stand has been filling hungry bellies, and the restaurant has remained firmly committed to tradition. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with old photographs and articles, but the hot dogs themselves command the exuberance of visitors. "Some things just shouldn't change," Bourdain said as he doused his plates of hot dogs and relish and fries with condiments squired out of a squeeze container. "I come here to feed my soul," he gushed while picking up another French fry. Bourdain isn't the only one, and this classic Jersey stop consistently delivers by cooking up hot off-the-grill and made-to-order dogs to the preferred level of doneness for each visiting customer. 

A taste of good-old fashioned nostalgia

For only a few dollars, diners can feast on orders of hot dogs that have been fried in the restaurant's unique concoction of oils. Yet if you think a deep-fried hot dog translates into food that is a greasy affair, the pork and beef hot dogs served at Hiram's deliver a perfectly crispy exterior and a juicy, flavor inside that is well-seasoned with various spices. The result is a puffier, satisfying hunk of meat that keeps diners coming back for more.

Similar to accommodating each customer's preferred level of doneness, Hiram's aims to please by offering chili and sweet-and-sour slaw that can be spooned over each order. Burgers, fries, and onion rings are also listed on the menu so visitors can put together the meal of their dreams and leave with contentment. Plus, with glasses of root beer and Yoo-hoo available to wash down each bite, Bourdain was right: Hiram's in Fort Lee is the stuff memories are made of.