The Easiest Method To Boost The Texture And Flavor Of Hot Dog Relish

Relish is a delicious addition to many recipes — from juicy salmon burgers to a classic hot dog. The combination of tangy pickles, sweet peppers, sharp onions, and savory seasoning perfectly complement the umami of the meat, not to mention adding an irresistible crunch. The off-the-shelf version often falls short of this ideal, though, and while making your own relish is a noble endeavor, you don't always have time to do so. To solve this problem, simply punch up your store-bought relish by adding your own fresh ingredients to the mix.

This method maintains the convenience of jarred relish while elevating the flavor and texture to something that tastes homemade and only takes about five minutes to prepare. All you have to do is dice up your fresh ingredients and stir them into the existing relish before serving. This works best when done a few hours in advance or even the night before, as it will allow the added vegetables to take on the flavor of the relish.

Customize to your tastes

Another perk of jazzing up your relish is that you can tailor the surplus ingredients to best suit your unique preferences. For example, when adding pickles, you can choose from a wide variety of flavors, including dill, sour, kosher, and even cinnamon. You can exercise the same selectiveness when adding in things like peppers and onions. Try swapping mild peppers for something spicier, or substitute traditional onions for shallots to give your relish a more subtle bite.

You can also pair your mix-ins to whatever dish you will be serving alongside the condiment. Relish that you are planning to serve at a barbecue will benefit from more strongly-flavored ingredients that can stand up to the smokiness of grilled meat, so reach for full-sour pickles or even hot pickles. Meanwhile, if you want a relish that you can slather on a sandwich without overwhelming it, try using more delicate additions like bell peppers or kosher pickles.